Tips for Ganking as Jungler

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Oct 9, 2018
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Gank if your opponent’s escape ability/skills are down. Communicate with the team. That’s is your key.

Gank your team’s weakest lane. They need and always plan your jungle route towards them.

Gank extended lane. You have higher chance of securing a kill on extended hero.

Don’t gank if your HP is less than 50%. (of course with exemption). Actually in is not good idea to stray in jungle with less than 50% HP.

Don’t gank if you can’t see other laners in mini-map. There is a higher chance for a counter gank. This deals with map awareness.

Don’t gank a tank it will be waste of time. Especially if they are full armored. In Mobile Legends, if they called tank, they are really a tank. It is difficult to kill a full tank Balmond, Tigreal, Franco, Lolita unless you are well fed and it is already late game.