Tips from a AR40+ Player in Genshin Impact PC PlayStation iOS Android 

I am not the greatest player around but I know pain from almost stagnancy in AR40+. I currently reached AR42 earlier and it is a long grind now to AR45. Even now I am still thinking if I could reach AR45 this week and the next and I do not think I am prepared right now for the long haul, so fellow Travelers, here are some tips that I would like to share with you before reaching AR40+.


In terms of Mora, we do not have Mora

As Zhongli has said in the latest story in Liyue, in terms of Mora, we do not have Mora... because you'll run out of it! Leveling your weapons, characters, talents, and artifacts will drain a lot of Mora with you and you will not have enough to recover them unless you do some countermeasures. Either way, since reaching AR40 makes you go into World Rank 5, it is going to be harder to fight enemies so leveling your main team is your priority.


"I came prepared"

Countermeasures for this issue would be saving Mora and if you have time and resin, you could always do the Blossom of Wealth, Leyline Outcrops. You might think I am crazy but I am serious, it gets better at WR5, so do try them when you need a quick Mora recharge.

Vibe in World 5

Speaking of which, since the World Rank has increased in AR40 (once you have completed the Ascension Domain), you need to make sure that your main DPS is ready for the challenge, if you have under-leveled characters and weapons, you will definitely struggle a lot. I remember having Diluc with under-leveled gear, artifacts, and talents, I got a long time in beating the Fatui "Jojos" (the Electro Hammer dudes) with my other characters. Once I leveled all my characters, things went smoothly.


So the lesson here travelers is to prepare for AR5, with great loot comes with great difficulty so be like Batman and prepare like a madman.

Team Composition

Speaking of team composition, make sure to have the proper team setup in the further Adventure Ranks. Team compositions usually have a Main DPS, Support/Assist, Pure Support, and a Healer. What I am currently using is a Diluc as the main DPS, Fischl as an Assist, Venti as a support, and Barbara as Healer. As much as I like to put my measly leveled Amber in the lineup, she'll need to wait until I have things better controlled on my end.


Take note of the Elemental Resonance and Elemental Reactions you can use with your team, a Pyro can always benefit from having an Electro while an Electro has a lot of synergies with elements. Anemo makes great support usually and geo makes you much stronger in a fight with a shield. Take note of these things and you'll have a strong team.

Arti****, it's a trap!

I am a victim of this one. Unlocking AR40 means that you can get strong artifacts in the game. Unlocking the domains which let you get specialized artifacts for characters, not to mention they can be gold. Imagine the power you can wield with all those artifacts. However, be careful of using your resin here.


First, there is no guarantee that you will get a 5-star artifact in your attempts. Second, you might get the wrong gold artifact set in AR40. Finally, you might get bad rolls in your artifact stats. There are a lot of variables that you need to consider before equipping it to your main. That also counts for Mora spent on enhancing it and foddering other artifacts as enhancements.


"No Resin"

Just wait for AR45 like me to get those gold artifacts.


I came to that AR level and I was still unprepared despite the tons of videos that I watch in the game. Sadly, I am stubborn enough in terms of these things so I did not listen. Hopefully, my mistakes will be a lesson for you in order to be stronger in the game. Join the Genshin Impact discussion now and tell me how you plan your game from now on!