Tips to become a better player in Fortnite


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May 11, 2015
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Tips to become a better player and improve your skills

1. If you wanna get good you will need to know the basics of the game like building , aiming and the rarity of the weapons if you learned this things time for no.2

2. Use combat pro or builder pro for faster building and switching between weapons and if you really wanna build like ppl on pc I'll suggest builder pro

3. Always build because in this game especially if you have no idea in building then you are screwed and you'll need to get better and things you can do to practice is to land walling woods and practice there and also practice editing

4. Skins doesn't mean anything if you saw a reaper or bride bomber or any of these tryhard skins don't get scared try and kill them even if you failed its ok

5. Go for kills not wins when starting , sometimes you can get lucky in the battle royal field and win a lot but trust me winning also doesn't mean you're good but anyways go to places where its crowded like dusty divot or tilted towers so you can get a lot of kills and practice and once you feel alright with all the things we just said you have the permission now to go for wins

6. Put goals to achieve when you are playing for example say "I'm going to get in this match and try and get at least 5 kills" if you did it put another goal like I'm going to get 10 kills and so on

This is just some tips for beginners who are trying to be better but can't and btw I'm not the best in this game and I respect anyone who will say they are better than me hope this helps

Thomas Parker

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Jun 26, 2023
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thomas parker
Practise your construction, targeting, and game sense to become a great Fortnite player. Watch professional athletes and take notes on their tactics. And most importantly, have fun!"