Tips to Win Solo Ranked in RoS


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May 11, 2015
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Dropout and parashoot to the highest level of a 3-storey building (This gives you the advantage to see enemies below and around you. But beware, enemies might parashoot at the same place, so be prepared for that.

If there are a lot people para shooting at that area, I suggest moving to another area to get the loot inside other houses.

While exiting a building or walking in the field, remember to click the 'eye icon' to check your surroundings, enemies could be around your area.

(Hold the eye icon and move it to check your surroundings. In the PC version, hold Alt and move your mouse.)

- Always take cover while attacking. (ex: walls, grass, rocks etc)
- Please don't run on the open field. You are not Rambo.
- While walking out in a field, use the Crouch and Run combo.
- Use the compass on the top as your advantage. Any sound that the enemies make (ex: footsteps, gunfire etc), you will have the icon showing that on the compass.
- When the border is closing in and you're inside of the Safe Zone, you have 2 options.

1. Run around the border (You can kill enemies that are trying to go into the Safe Zone.)
2. Loot buildings

- Use Crouch and Prone as an advantage for you when you're in the grass. Using Prone in the grass is very useful, because you can see the enemy and they can't see you. If your weapon has a scope, click Crouch, aim and shoot.

- Don't use a scoped weapon while you're in the grass. It zooms in to the grass.
- A scope MUST be needed if you have a rifle. Aiming the rifle with a scope can easily kill people if you know how to shoot properly.

- Gun barrels are used in different situations. Compensators are used to reduce your gun's recoil, useful for a close-range attack. Silencers is to shoot your enemies without giving any sound away. I don't recommend using this cause giving damage to the enemies may cause them to have enough time to run away.

Flash hiders allow you to shoot your weapon without showing the muzzle flash. This is very useful when you're playing in a foggy or dark map.

- When you see an enemy, don't panic and take the shot first. Stay calm and focus aiming on the enemy. If you think you got it, then take the shot. You must never panic or else it may cost you.

- Last tip, always stay focus and be patient. Killing people always needs these 2 elements. If you don't have it, it will be very hard to win a game.

These are my tips to win Solo in RoS. Have fun playing RoS!

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