TnC Kuku Ban, Mislatel vs Globe,Fortnite Game Addiction and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the TnC Kuku Ban on Chongqing Major and possibly Ti9 that will be held on Shanghai, Mislatel vs Globe, Soul Chase Filipino Retro Indie Game, LoL Patch 8.24 Preview, Artifact CCG, Parasite Eve 4? and Fortnite Game Addiction.

Fortnite Game Addiction
  • Fortnite is being blamed for gaming addiction on younger players
  • as desperate parents are sending their children to to rehab
  • According to a British behavioral specialist “the game is like heroin” and “Once you are hooked, it’s hard to get unhooked”
  • So basically parang shabu tpos pusher yung comshop
  • and apparently there are kids playing for more than 11 hours a day
  • which results on them falling asleep in classes
  • so what do you think are games to blame or parents for letting their kids play too much?
  • Buti nalang sa pilipinas tsinelas lang katumbas ng addict sa games

Mislatel vs Globe
  • For our tech update
  • To those who don't know our government confirmed Mislatel as the 3rd telco player in the Philippines that will directly compete with PLDT and Globe to provide an alternative for our internet
  • The Mislatel consortium even vows to provide 27mbps of internet in its first year
  • The appointment of the new telecom is without its drama with its biggest woes being a Chinese Telecom
  • which could be a national security threat to our country
  • however you could argue that technically the Chinese have already penetrated our country
  • because if you bother to check majority of our modems and routers are made in China
  • but what caught our eyes is how Globe is reacting to this
  • first is Globe doubts that the new teclo player can deliver its commitments
  • but then “Yolanda Crisanto“ the senior vice president for corporate communications at Globe said this
  • “Globe is not inclined to engage in price wars. Globe competes on superior customer experience, product innovation, and understanding our customers better”
  • So basically Globe is saying they know their customers and have a superior customer experience
  • not sure if we are to laugh or get angry with this
  • the company should really read their facebook comments
  • parang mali ang intindi nila sa mga customer e, hay nako

Soul Chase

  • Do you miss the NES era or Retro Games?
  • Well a new indie game developed called Soul Chase is now available for Android
  • Soul Chase is developed by Harambert Games a Filipino developer based in Bulacan
  • The game is a Free to Play challenging 2D Action Platformer with retro pixel art graphics
  • and since its retro expect the game to be challenging
  • Soul Chase currently has 3 chapters with 21 challenging stages and 3 epic bosses that will grind your gears
  • The game currently has positive reviews and well received by the speed running community
  • So if you like retro type games you can download the Soul Chase on Android for Free on the App Store

LoL Patch 8.24
  • League of Legends season 9 is about to begin but before that here's the preview on LoL Patch 8.24
  • because on this patch riot plans to nerf a lot of champions and some runes
  • So for starters here are the Champions that got nerfed: Viktor, Irelia, Aatrox, Akali, Jax, Camille, LeBlanc and Illaoi
  • Riot Games is also looking at a Pyke Nerf then a Karthus and Taliyah update
  • as for the Runes
  • Dark Harvest received a nerfed as currently its very powerful on too many champions
  • for now they have reduced its base damage from 20-60 instead of 40-80
  • and can't trigger off proc damage
  • the team is also slightly updating the raptors rune
  • as the spawn time has been increased to 1:30 instead of 1:27 so that a few champs can't clear it, especially for Karthus and Aatrox
  • Patch 8.24 is expected to be released sometime next week
  • and since this is a preview the changes are not yet final and might change on release


  • Valves Artifact a collectible card game is now available on Steam
  • To those who don't know this is Valve’s first full game in over five years
  • Artifact is designed by Richard Garfield, who previously created the hugely popular Magic: The Gathering card game and is based on Dota 2
  • The game pits player with a deck 40 cards each which includes five heroes then the other 35 cards are hero abilities and items
  • the cards are also divided into 4 color themes red, green, black, and blue that depends on the boards effects
  • if you are interested you can buy the game on Steam for 1,000 php
  • this deal will also include a free one month subscription of Dota Plus for Dota players

Parasite Eve 4?

  • According to Gematsu Square Enix has trademarked Parasite Eve in Europe
  • with this eager fans of the game has led to all kinds of speculation like a sequel or even a remaster
  • However, the truth is there isn't much information
  • To those who don't remember Parasite Eve is an action role-playing video game originally released for the PlayStation
  • The story follows New York City police officer Aya Brea as she attempts to stop the Eve
  • The last game in the Parasite Eve series was The 3rd Birthday which received mixed reception upon release in 2010 for the PSP
  • This means is that the game has been in long overdue
  • So what do you think? do want a remaster, reboot or a sequel
  • let us know in the comments

TnC Kuku Banned From The Chongqing Major and TnC’s official statement

  • TnC Predator qualified for the upcoming Chongqing Major that will be held in China after defeating Mineski with “2-1” score in the SEA Regional qualifiers
  • However, there is a problem
  • The tournament organizers decided to ban Carlo “Kuku” Palad to participate in the upcoming tournament
  • The ban was given after Kuku used racist remarks aimed against a Chinese player during a pub match
  • It also didn't help the issue when they found out that a TnC Manager help covered up for Kuku and that there was a previous racism incident by Skem of complexity gaming
  • which then leads to the outrage of the Chinese dota 2 community resulting to negative reviews of dota in steam as well as them asking for valve to take action
  • But the most ridiculous thing about this is that reportedly
  • the Chinese government are involved to make sure TnC Kuku and Complexity’s Skem are banned
  • According to Jack Chen of KBBQDota they were approached by the Chinese municipal government of Chongqing, telling them 'this event cannot have these two players.'
  • Its also added by Matthew Bailey the Director of Team Secret
  • that there is still a chance that this ban can be extended and block them from attending TI9 which will be held in Shanghai
  • This is very bad if that happened because this time politics is involved
  • and when politics is involved nothing good happens that's why we stay away from them
  • Also something to note is that Kuku again apoligzed in Twitter regarding the incident here is what he said
  • “Sorry talaga sa nagawa ko nung before KL major to the chinese community. Hanggang ngayon may impact pa din sa akin inside and outside of the game.
    Parati ko siyang iniisip. Sana magkaroon pa ako ng 2nd chance para ipakita na kaya kong maging mas mabuting example.
    Tao lang din nagkakamali. Tanggap ko yung punishment na binigay sakin. No excuse talaga. Di ko dapat ginawa yun. Sobrang sorry.”
  • Then in a recent statement issued by TnC
  • They detailed the sanctions and punishment they imposed to Kuku as well as the tnc manager
  • here is a quick summary of that statement
  • Kuku will be fined, as half of his winnings from the Kuala Lumpur Major and half of his winnings in the Chongqing Major or Bucharest Minor will be donated to The International Movement Against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism or IMADR for short
  • as for Paolo Sy the TnC manager who help cover up for Kuku,
  • 50% of his salary will also be donated to IMADR
  • ouch
  • Survey ulit tayo noh,
  • Like this video kung dapat bang palaruin si Kuku sa Chonqing Major
  • and dislike if kung dapat bang nakekelam ang gobyerno ng China sa eSports
  • hay grabe
  • So here our solution
  • Since the chinese dont want Kuku to attend on Tournaments held on their country
  • they could just conduct the matches online
  • because honestly even if they allow Kuku to attend
  • we dont know what kind of violent acts they will do to the player that can lead to physical harm
  • safety first