TnC Kuku WESG Ban, Cabal Mobile Trademark, Era of Legends and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about TnC Kuku banned in WESG due to Chonqing local government, Cabal Mobile Trademark, Era of Legends going live on March, League of Legends balance changes, Astral Chain by Platinum Games, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Oninaki

Cabal Mobile
  • Do you still remember Cabal Online? Well it seems its getting a new Mobile version
  • because last January 2019 EST Games has filed trademark applications in Korea which is titled Cabal Mobile
  • which was previously called Project Alice or Project MC 2
  • Currently, the trademarks are filed in for different name 2 in korean while with M or Mobile
  • So there you have it Cabal Mobile Confirmed!
  • To those who dont remember the original Cabal Online is PC MMORPG which was released around 2005 in Korea then was released in SEA in 2008
  • Then a sequel Cabal 2 was published by playpark for SEA players back in 2015 which was made available only until 2018
  • Unfortunately, we don't have much information regarding the Cabal Mobile or any release date

Era of Legends

  • The World of Warcraft style MMORPG “Era of Legends” is going live on March
  • in fact the free to play mobile MMORPG pre registration is now ongoing for both android and iOS
  • To those who don't know Era of Legends will be as massive and seemples open world
  • actually they mention its about 10k square meters with flying mounts to rome around
  • The game will also feature 8 characters classes like Warrior, Assassin, Priest, Witch, Druid, Archer, Mages and Shaman
  • Era of Legends will have story driven quest as well as PVP and PVE modes
  • In PVP there are captured the flag, a 3v3 and 5v5 resource mode
  • For the pre registrations if Era of Legends managed to get 5k players they will give a level 1 gem pack, a chosen one title for 10k players, an exclusive mount Nightblade leopard for 15k player sign up
  • So if you are interested the game is set to be released this March

League of Legends Balance Changes
  • In a recent twitter post the Product lead of Riot Games shared information regarding the planned League of Legends 9.4 balance changes
  • Currently the champions that are getting buffed are Gnar, Azir, Neeko, Hecarim, Rek SAi, Trundle, and Varus
  • While Nerfs are heading to Yaruo, Lucian, Thresh, Karthus and Urgot
  • Then Zed and Sylar are also up for adjustments
  • Do note that this aren't final and are subject to change

Astral Chain

  • During the recent Nintendo Direct, the Bayonetta, Nier Automata, and Vanquish developer Platinum Games announced new Switch game called Astral Chains
  • a mecha powered cyberpunk action game
  • the game takes place in the near future where in a dimension suddenly appears and monsters emerged with it
  • The player will play a special police unit called Neuron where you can choose between male or female characters on your adventure
  • also something to note is that this will be a directorial debut of Takahisa Tauro who was the game designer of Nier Automata
  • Unfortunately the game will be exclusive for Nintendo switch and is expected to be released this August


  • and for non exclusive titles
  • Square enix and Tokyo RPG Factory announced a new RPG called Oninaki for PS4, Switch and PC
  • In the press release it states that the game will players explore the world as a mysterious watcher named Kagachi
  • and that the character is bound by duty to sever the bonds tying to the Lost to its worlds
  • whatever that means lol
  • Oninaki currently has no release date schedule however its speculated to release some time this summer!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

  • If you remember last week we talked about Castlevania for mobile but now Koji Igarashi and his team dropped a trailer for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which plays similarly like Castlevania
  • The game will be gothic horror side scrolling RPG set in the 19th century England
  • and as a node to this type of gameplay the trailer shows an inverted castle
  • which was a bonus in the Castlevania: Symphony of the Night where Bloodstained was inspired by
  • Bloodstained is due out this summer on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Kuku Banned in WESG

  • Bad news mukang pinepersonal na
  • In a recent update, WESG issued a statement saying that Kuku would not be allowed to attend the event due to the decision by the Chongqing City Government
  • Here is detailed a quote obtained by CyberSports
  • “After inquiring the Ministry of Foreign Affair and Ministry of Public Security in Chongqing. We regret to let you know that KUKU is not allowed to enter Chongqing for the WESG event according to the decision from the city government,”
  • grabe na politica na talaga at nakelam ang gobyerno ng China
  • to those who don't remember Kuku made a racist remark on a Chinese player in a pub match
  • which sparked an outraged to the Dota 2 community which then resulted on Kuku being banned in the Chongqing major
  • and even if Kuku attends to support the team he is still not allowed and that there are safety concerns according to the event organizers
  • grabe diba
  • Additionally a WESG representative said the following
  • “As a tournament organizer, WESG will follow the instruction from the local government. This is a final decision.”
  • this is very bad news specially for TNC fans
  • because if a city government can do this what more the upcoming the international 2019 which will be held in Shanghai this year
  • Also we have to take into account the recently Ninjaboogie will no longer be part of the active roster and that kuku will assume the game leadership
  • Currently the feeling in the Dota scene is that this ban very unfair because Kuku do note that he already apologized multiple times with a salary deduction to boot
  • So far valve and tnc haven't replied in the issue hopefully if TnC Predator managed to qualify in Ti9 kuku will still be allowed because if not it's just too much
  • as china might have as well killed his career