TnC Manager Lied for Kuku, Fortnite Unban, RoS NimoTV Tournament and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about the TnC Manager "Paolo Sy" lied for Kuku, Fortnite Unban, Ragnarok M November Events and Updates, Rules of Survival NimoTV, Overwatch Free Week, Fighting Ex Layer Launch Date and Command and Conquer Remaster.

Command and Conquer Remaster
  • Good news!
  • EA confirmed they are planning to remaster Command and Conquer along with its prequels and sequel Red Alert!
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert will be released as a single remastered collection without microtransactions
  • It's also confirmed that the classic expansions for the games like counter strike and aftermath will be included with no extra cost
  • hopefully they also add Command and Conquer Generals
  • but unfortunately, there is no release date for the remasters as even the development hasn't started yet

Fighting Ex Layer PC Launch Date

  • Arika announced that the PC version of Fighting EX Layer will launch via Steam on November 30 while the PS4 version will receive an update
  • Fighting Ex Layer will include 15 of its classic characters which have been updated with new models for better graphics
  • A new Gougi System will also be included
  • So if you are interested the game will cost around 829 php with a discount price of 622 pesos for its special promotion

Fortnite Unban
  • Epic games is apologizing to players who are incorrectly banned
  • in compensation this players are also receiving 2000 vbucks which roughly around 1k pesos
  • the unban message says “We’re sorry and will be granting V-Bucks to your account to compensate for the error.” - cool
  • It is currently unknown how this players got banned from the first place or how they manage to get their accounts unbanned
  • as Epic mentioned they couldn't share further details
  • well at least they are receiving some form of compensations

Overwatch Free Week

  • If you haven't tried Overwatch well good news!
  • because there's going to be free trial next week from Nov 20 to 26
  • The free trial will include all heroes and game mode along with Ashe, Overwatch's new playable Hero
  • If you are playing in console take note that the game will require PS plus or Xbox Live gold to play
  • For pc players you just have to download the game using the battle net client
  • In addition you can link your blizzard account with twitch to earn Ashe themed sprays for watching Overwatch streams in 2 hours

Ragnarok M November Events and Updates
  • Now lets go Mobile
  • Recently due to players exploiting the the game
  • Ragnarok M’s gifting feature will now only be available for characters above level 30
  • also real money are not allowed in the game like account selling and other related to real money
  • the devs urge users to report this vendors
  • and here are the November events for Ragnarok Mobile
  • Turkey Feast Celebration
    • During the event, Adventurers can go to Prontera Square find NPC “Sisley” to accept the Turkey Feast Celebration mission.
    • The mission has 5 quests. Every time you finish one quest will receive a Turkey Feast Gift Box
    • then If you manage to finish the last quest, you will receive a limited headwear Turkey Grr Blueprint
  • Gashapon Summer style series costume
  • Thanksgiving Rewards
    • During the event time, teleport and stash will no longer cost any Zeny or token
    • the FIRST character under your account who donates in the guild will receive double rewards for that day.
    • For the character who receive donation double rewards, it will all be double for the rest of that day
  • So those are the current Ragnarok M November events

Rules of Survival NimoTV
  • Rules and Survival, MET and NimoTV partnered to an upcoming RoS Tournament called Philippine Champions League S1
  • The tournament will be broadcasted live exclusively on NimoTV
  • with challengers of the ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 to fight over PHP 500,000 worth of prizes
  • Then the top 5 teams of the ROS-NimoTV Philippine Champions League S1 will represent the Philippines in the upcoming SEA Championship
  • So if you are interested the qualifier will begin on November 24 with the Grand Finals on December 15 2018

TnC Manager Lied for KuKu

  • Last week we talk about the drama in the Dota community regarding racial slurs used by Filipino Pro Players against Chinese players
  • Unfortunately the story doesn't end there as now TnC’s manager Paulo Sy issue a statement that it was him who lied and not Kuku
  • But before that let's talk about what started this
  • The drama began when Skem of complexity gaming said racial slurs towards chinese players
  • this was dealt swiftly by the team accompanied by a public apology of the player
  • then after a few days TnC Kuku said a racial slur to another chinese player in a PUB game
  • honestly this case is very normal if you play pub game as you will actually see more harsh sentiments to the point even your grandma is a noob
  • however it's a different case here since Kuku is a Pro player and he didn't act as a pro.
  • TnC then posted a public apology and saying their player got a penalty which the Chinese player ignored as they focused more about the Kuku’s fake story which we will talk about in abit
  • With this there was an uproar in the Chinese community and they want blood
  • they urged Valve to step in and do what is right to the point that they bombarded negative reviews for Dota 2
  • Due to this Valve had to respond, in a statement, they mentioned “they will not tolerate racism”
  • as for sanctions it seems there is none, however the also added that going forward they expect all teams who participate in their tournaments to hold its player accountable, and be prepared to follow up with strong punishments
  • So from this it seems no more drama and everyone is in Content, TnC even won in a match against Vici gaming “Too Easy” ka nga nila
  • however prior to that TnC’s Manager told the truth in a facebook post
  • here is the summary he's confession
  • apparently the excuse Kuku used on weibo where he's just calling the other player with the racial slur was posted by him
  • and that he was using Kuku’s account
  • which was proven to be not true because the Chinese player only change he's id after the remarks
  • the TnC manager also admitted that he saw this opportunity as a cover up on what kuku did
  • which we all right now made things worse
  • he also shared the sentiment that he was a coward because he didn't confess immediately - to this we actually commend Paolo Sy
  • he added Kuku is a good kid who is stupid enough to say things he don't fully understand but in the end Kuku is not a liar
  • So what's the response of the community about this?
  • For the Philippine Dota community? well it's mostly positive
  • for the rest of the world well they think this apology should have been said earlier
  • some even speculating this was a cover up and that the TnC manager is a scapegoat
  • whatever it is TnC already apologized, more than once at this point
  • So that's our update regarding the racism scandal,
  • Survey naman tayo noh!
  • like if you think Chinese dota 2 are overreacting or dislike if their actions are justifiable
  • and hopefully in the future we won't get anymore of this kind issues!
  • So what do you think comment nyo lang sa baba!