TNC Predator Announces Temporary Hiatus From DOTA 2's Competitive Stage

After failing to qualify and grab a spot at The International 10, Filipino esports organization TNC Predator announced on July 26, 2021 that the team will be temporarily taking a break from competitive DOTA.


When Dota 2 tournaments in Southeast Asia were announced, many fans were disappointed to discover that TNC Predator had been left out. It didn't take long for some members of the community to speculate that the roster will be disbanded. However, the team isn't making changes or disbanding. The organization has come up with a decision to take an extended hiatus for its players to "recharge and realign" after suffering a loss against Fnatic in the grand finals and finishing second in the Southeast Asia last chance qualifiers.


No changes to the roster will be made and the team intends to regroup after the break in order to prepare for a series of competitions following TI10 as well as the 2022 Dota Pro Circuit. "A lot has happened since the pandemic breakout and we want the players to use this time to be with their families, take a much needed break and build the best versions of themselves as preparations for the next big fight. You guys won't be seeing any Dota action from us anytime soon but we will be taking the support role for the remaining Filipino players and Southeast Asia teams competing for the TI10 Aegis," said TNC in a Facebook post.

TNC had been on the road to securing a direct invitation to TI10, but the pandemic struck and all but ended those hopes in an instant. During the revised DPC, they were unable to put in a strong performance and the team eventually failed to qualify for the Singapore Major during Season 1. While they had a strong showing at WePlay AniMajor following Season 2, as well as the addition of Marvin “Boomy” Rushton and Jun “Bok” Kanehara to its roster during mid-season, they still finished in the 7th-8th place overall.

A lot of fans are starting to throw out questions when TNC would return to competition after missing out on the TI10 boat, especially given the fact that the roster was not included in the Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 7 lineup for the Southeast Asian Championship. Although its players might still pop up as stand-ins for various teams, the organization itself will focus on content throughout the break.


Following this, the team expressed their appreciation to their supporters and stated that they would post updates on the latest developments in the industry during their break. “We are sure to still give you plenty content activities from our sponsors and updates on our players’ vacation lives so you better stay tuned,” they added.