TNC Predator: WESG SEA 2019 Champions!

After TNC Predator's win in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) One 2019 in Hamburg, Germany, making them the first Southeast Asian winners of the said tournament, now they have taken the title as our two-time World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) SEA champions by taking down the Vietnamese Dota 2 team, 496!

However, their game against 496 was not easy. Even if 496 banned their strongest heroes, TNC were still confident that they will win Game 1, they were wrong as 496 won the first game.

Vietnamese team, 496 were so confident that they can take over TNC's power in Game 2, but, since TNC used Armel's Templar Assassin and the rest of the team used their best heroes, 496 never expected that they will be defeated within twenty-three minutes.

In Game 3, both teams picked their most comfortable heroes for the final game of this tournament. They had a lot of AoE which means to say that every team fight could potentially change the game flow. Game 3 was a hard game to watch, because of 496 taking over the game, however everything fell apart with just one mistake from the team. TNC took advantage of that mistake and they did everything they can with the clash in Roshan's pit.

What do you think of their win here?

Also, let us support them again in their upcoming tournament in China, the MDL Chengdu Major.

So, stay tuned for more updates!