To those who have CBT 2 Keys

Guild of Guardians


Mar 4, 2015
To all key holders this is from Tree of Savior website just in case you missed it out:

We will begin the second Beta Test for Tree of Savior English ver. at tomorrow 03:00 AM (EDT;UTC-4)

Before we kick-off, we would like to inform you of the following that will guide you throughout the test process.
  1. Download and Installation of Game Client
  2. Basic Game Guide
    Please refer to Game Guide in the official website.

  3. Bug Report and Tickets during test
    • Use the 'Beta Test - General category for discussion and inquiries regarding game contents.
    • Use the 'Beta Test - Feedback category for feedback and suggestions..
    • Use the 'Beta Test - Bug Report category for bugs you find while playing the game.
      If there are issues that need to be reported in private, you may opt to submit tickets instead.
      (ex. system abuse, reporting players, sensitive and critical bugs, etc.)
      *Ticket function will be opened when Beta Test begins.
    • You may also use the ‘Bug Report’ button found at the upper-right side of the game screen for bugs that occur in the game.
    • Game updates during Beta Test will be posted in 'Beta Test - General > Patch Notes
    • Announcements related to Beta Test will be made through 'Beta Test - General > Announcements
  4. Server Operating Hours and Maintenance
    • 24 Hours
    • Maintenance : Every Tuesday 01:00 AM ~ 05:00 AM (4 Hours)
  5. Tree of Savior Game Masters (GM)
    Please note that the following are your GM’s for Tree of Savior.

They will join you in-game during the Beta Test period so you may get in touch with them for help or inquiries.

We hope for your active participation and support during the Beta Test.

Note : The registrants from the countries where TOS has local publishers will be unable to download the latest update patch from CDN, even if you obtain the beta keys.

Thank you.

In short enjoy the beta test and lets help out the developers on squashing those bugs.
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