Tomorrow – a survival RPG with cutting-edge graphics soft launched in the Philippines

Tomorrow - the new game from widely acclaimed Rage Quit Games studio, creators of hit games The Wolf and Evil Lands is now soft-launched for players in the Philippines. Tomorrow, an advanced technical RPG set in postapo universe is expected to be available worldwide by the end of 2021.


It's the 2040s - the Earth is not as it was just two decades before. Radioactive fallout took a toll on humanity and changed the lives of those who survived. The daily struggle to find food and shelter is even bigger when players needs to fend off the attacks of mutant creatures and humanoids.


Tomorrow is a survival RPG that lets players customize characters and start a thrilling adventure. Build the base, raid the open world for resources and defend yourself from infected monsters. Team up with your friends, roleplay and take part in a full of action PVP battle.


The extensive crafting system will allow players to create their own weapons and items, as well as to develop the construction of new home. To have the best shot at survival, players can hunt animals and prepare own food. Exploration of nearby locations, where rust covered barrels and special packs hide valuable loot and resources might just save life.

You can build a variety of weapons that will give you an advantage upon a clash with an enemy. From a simple bat to a plasma gun - you can participate in melee combat as well as shooter-like skirmishes. Kill the army of monsters, defeat hostile survivors and don't die!


About Rage Quit Games

Rage Quit Games is a game development studio based in Krakow, Poland. The studio specializes in high-tech mobile multiplayer 3D games. The games released by the studio so far have had over 100 million downloads with the most successful being The Wolf which has been downloaded over 40 million times. The studio is currently working on Tomorrow - post-apocalyptic online RPG for mobile that will deliver a cutting-edge, never-before-seen gameplay experience.

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