Top 10 Games For Android and iOS This Quarantine Period

We're all trying to find a game to prevent our boredom during this quarantine period. You may be tired of playing PC games, just like me, and decided to continue your gaming on mobile. Based from the title, you have your personal candidates in mind already. The top spots are already predictable, but you might find some games you haven't played yet. Well, here's our top 15 games for both android and iOS:

Among Us.png

Among Us!

This game is best played with your group of friends. It can also be played with strangers, but the fun is not equal when you see the betrayal from your friends' eyes. If you're familiar with the game Deceit from Steam, you'll have the idea of how this game works - becoming the master of trust and deception. A lobby can be composed of up to 10 players with a maximum of 3 impostors. The impostors are kind of overpowered if the settings isn't balanced and you're playing with strangers. As an impostor, you have two ways of winning - killing the crews without getting caught or voting the crews out of the ship using deception.

As a crewmate, your ways of winning will only depend on how long you and your fellow crewmates will be able to survive until you kicked the impostors out of the ship. And the only way of kicking the impostors out is via unanimous vote. The only downside of this game are the players quitting regularly in-game due to disconnection or frustration of not being an impostor. This game is free on both Android and iOS.

NBA 2K20.png

NBA 2K20

NBA fans love the 2K series. If you can still remember how mods and re-skins compensated for the missing My Career in NBA 2K14, you probably love the succeeding 2K mobile titles. Its graphics are far from what we've seen from past installments like 2K14. Honestly, the game is worth it to buy if you really don't have any access to a good PC or gaming consoles. You just need to get used to the controls of this mobile version. But, what can we ask for more? After all, this is a mobile version but we still get to enjoy the customization of My Career.

You also get to take your player on the all-new Streets Mode where you'll tour around the world and compete in a series of 3-on-3 street basketball. It also has a multiplayer option if you want to play against your friends. NBA 2K20 is available on both Android and iOS.



Terraria is a 2D counterpart of Minecraft with features that made it unique on its own. Technically, Terraria is a 16 bit game with Minecraft's sandbox principle. But don't be fooled by its early game's painfully bland design. As soon as you meet the world bosses and get killed over and over again due to unpreparedness, you'll realize your real hate of losing.

This game becomes more addictive as you craft new set of armor, explored the rest of the world, and learn ways of how to farm end-game bosses. What makes it fun is if you play with your friend within one created world. You get the same progress as you explore the world. Sadly, the developers already released the final update for its PC version and the Mobile version might get it too, soon. But, it is still a gem of the past and present mobile games. It is a paid app Terraria is available on Android and iOS.

Tales of Crestoria.png

Tales of Crestoria

This game was recently released and is still fresh. It was greatly anticipated by its beta testers last May. It is a turn-based RPG game and was praised for its great story. With the combined talents of top artists from the previous Tales series, Tales of Crestoria garnered praises for its well-designed graphics and music. Personally, it brings back the nostalgic graphic designs from PSP games back in the day. There are still few bugs and disconnection errors being encountered by some players, but it is still an enjoyable game.

Its gacha system is F2P friendly making your time and effort enough to get stronger. Those who have pre-registered before its official release have enjoyed a lot of freebies already. If you're interested, the game is already out and free on both Android and iOS.



This game is another gem of the past. Created by the witty game studio, Butterscotch Shenanigans, this game offers a lot of low and high humor jokes. Its like playing an interactive comedy comic book with the touch of sandbox crafting. It is a popular game for both PC and mobile. This is a very interesting and enjoyable point-and-click game. Its playtime can keep you busy for a week or two due to the grind mechanics you need to do in order to craft armor and weapons. Man, even the weapon, armor, and material names are weird and funny. You're just trying to deliver a package and now you crashed into an unknown vast world trying to survive Hewgodooko's onslaught against you.

This game received a lot of praises from critics and reviews and became one of Butterscotch's best selling game. It supports joystick controller if you're tired of pushing with your sweaty hands. This is the last of the paid games on the list, but it is guaranteed worth every penny. If you buy it, you'll also get access to the effortless cloud-saving using your Butterscotch ID. This game is available on Android and iOS.

Yu-gi-oh Duel Links.png

Yu-gi-oh Duel Links

Some of you can still remember the classic Yu-gi-oh anime that greatly increased the popularity of this trading card game. It received a long list of digital games and official tournaments using physical cards are still being held all around the world. But now, you can duel other players and play this awesome card game in your mobile phone. The only difference it has from the original Yu-gi-oh duels is the battle mechanics. Duel Links has only three card placements for both monster and spell cards.

It currently supports up to Synchro summoning and, soon, it might support XYZ too. Collect cards and battle with other players or the legendary duelists such as Kaiba and Yugi. Create your personal deck and prove your skills with Yu-gi-oh Duel Links. This game is free on both Android and iOS.

Arknights & Azur Lane.png

Yostar Gacha Titles (Arknights & Azur Lane)

Yostar Limited is known for their two major gacha titles - Arknights and Azur Lane. They are popular among anime-loving players who happen to also love the sweet and salty principle of gacha games. These games aren't just pure gacha system. Arknights, for example, has a tower defense and strategy gameplay. You use your pulled characters to defend against a wave of enemies. Azur Lane, on the other hand, has an RPG element due to the side-scrolling battle mechanics.

They are both F2P friendly and has a good security against cheaters or hackers. The developers are highly active and updates the game regularly. The community is still healthy and if you're interested to join, they are both available on Android and iOS.

Legends of Runeterra.png

Legends of Runeterra

Here comes your top 3 on the list. First off, we have Legends of Runeterra from Riot Games. This is a strategy card game based from the lore of League of Legends. Some champions became part of the game making the lore more clearer as you play both League and LoR. Similar to Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra uses Champion and Regions to build a strategical deck. If you're tired of playing League of Legends, but you still want to play a game from the same world of it, then this game is for you. If Wild Rift officially launched, it will probably be on the spot above this game on the list.

Right now, the only thing that can fill your hunger for League's characters using mobile is this game. If not and you're looking for the MOBA feature of League, you should probably head to our top 1 right now. This game is free on both Android and iOS.

Call of Duty Mobile.png

Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena

Call of Duty: Mobile takes our Top 2 spot. This game became more popular after the quarantine period hits major cities. Just like NBA 2K20, if you don't have a good PC or gamine console, it's great that Call of Duty has its mobile version. The developer of both titles made both games engaging in their own way. Call of Duty: Mobile is optimized for mid-high tier mobile phones making it extremely accessible to anyone. The game offers battle-royale and deathmatch. The freebies from the events and seasons makes it more addictive to grind.

Even with its competitors such as Fortnite mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile managed to maintain their position as one of the most played mobile game right now. If you're ready to gear up and join the battlefield, you can check out this game on Playstore and App Store.

Mobile Legends.png

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

You probably guessed it already. Mobile Legends is the top mobile game right now. It's a tight fight between Call of Duty: Mobile and Mobile Legends. CoD's fanbase and player count is large enough to compete against Mobile Legends. But the different and scattered online tournaments of Mobile Legends combined with the known streamers playing it everyday made it more popular. Mobile Legends is a MOBA game with several heroes that you can choose from. It rode with trend when DOTA 2 and League of Legends were starting become the next pillars of MOBA genre. It became the most successful mobile MOBA game.

Players who left the game before tend to come back when huge updates are implemented. The main competitor and threat that Mobile Legends will soon face is the fanbase of League of Legends when Wild Rift comes back. They saw its effect when Wild Rift entered its closed alpha last June. But, right now, Mobile Legends will rest on the top of the list. This game is available on both Android and iOS.


This list of games are based from the past and present data of individual games. Personally, I've played all of these games before. You may have other candidates in mind that weren't on the list. You own choice and taste of games are personal. These are games are highly recommended during the quarantine period were experiencing right now.

If you want to play the paid games, we highly suggest that you buy them to show your support for the creators. May you all stay safe at home and may you find a game from this list that will keep you busy. Mobile gamers unite!
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