Top 10 Mobile MMORPG for the First Half Of 2020

We are officially halfway through the year 2020. And there is nothing better than welcoming the month of June with a list of the most awesome MMORPG you can play right on your mobile phones? Truly, we can't get enough of those games that lead to a couple of sleepless nights just to grind your way to the next level and finding a new set of rare armors after a challenging but victorious boss raid. That's the flesh and blood of an MMORPG gamer after all.

The following games are base on different factors ranging from my personal pick, top grossing and top trending in Google Play, active Pinoy gamer community in and out the game, and of course that created hype during the first half of 2020.

So without further ado, let's get it on!

1. Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja has been one of the most anticipated games in the mobile platform since the beginning of 2020. The blend of sci-fi, magic, and being stylish make Dragon Raja so appealing to any RPG lovers. And you have to admit it, graphics-wise and animation the game really set the bar so high for other competing MMORPG. With so many things to do in the game other than following the intriguing storyline, Dragon Raja breaks quite a lot of the standard MMORPG elements which make it part of this list.

2. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

It is surprising that since the early 2000s up until, Ragnarok maintains a solid community of dedicated Pinoy gamers. Despite the cuteness of the games' visuals, Ragnarok still brings hardcore gameplay with its nostalgic characters (from charming Poring to fearsome Baphomet) and the fantastic world that everyone still knows by heart (Prontera is still memorable thanks to song Chicksilog). Ragnarok M continues to add exciting flavors in the classic RPG with new dungeons and new races in the game.

3. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is slowly but surely becoming a household name in the MMORPG arena. Starting from PC, it manages to cross the steep border to become one of the most popular games in Asia. Black Desert Mobile was produced by Pearl Abyss' proprietary engine only. Its latest new class, the Striker, continues to blow away players with sheer fun. Best of all, you have all the control over how can you customize your character from head to toe.

4. Aura Kingdom 2

There is nothing cooler than mixing anime-style graphics to an MMORPG that can totally get you lost with its dizzying world and satisfying PVE and PVP action. That is the core element of the sequel of Aura Kingdom RPG which consistently entertain gamers. Plus, their unique feature called Eidolon is something that has never been done too much in other MMORPG which combines a certain element of gacha that can help you acquire a powerful ally along with your dungeon raids and PVP session.

5. Blade and Soul Revolution

Fancy being a kung fu master that can fly like a Saiyan from DBZ? Blade and Soul Revolution our not-so-secret fantasy with its action-packed oriental open world that will hone your skills in becoming the greatest martial artist to avenge your master. One of the things that you will definitely fall in love with this game aside from the uber quality graphics is the tag-team PVP system that kinda makes you feel you are playing a fighting game against other players with all those chain combos and ultimate skills that you can pull off to annihilate them all. And yes, you can fly here even without a wing! Top that Son Goku!

6. Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus

If you want a charming adventure done in a beautiful 3D fantasy world that reminds you of late ROSE and Flyff Online, then Light of Thel is what you are looking for. Don't be fooled with its cartoonish graphics because the game is fueled with all the spectacular RPG elements like the Battle Pets that help thrash the World Bosses. The new Rozen Knight class is also fit for those who wanted to kick some monster butt like a boss without losing that cute factor.

7. Errant: Hunter's Soul

Dubbed as the Monster Hunter MMORPG, Errant: Hunter's Soul a personal favorite of mine. It brings the monster-hunting theme to a new level with a wide array of weapons and armors that you can only forge by...ahem...hunting badass behemoths and salvaging exotic materials from them. And you will never be alone doing this because you can call out your friends in hunting down the most vicious beast in the wilderness. The game is not class-based but your combat style highly depends on the weapon you choose to hunt. Plus, there is a hot tub waiting for you after finishing your monster-slaying session.

8. MU Origin 2

Another enduring MMORPG that has been tried and tested, MU Origin 2 is based on the PC MMORPG that makes you want to wear bulky, monstrous armors while hacking and slashing mobs of monsters ala Diablo style. MU Origin 2 brings that right in your phone with additional features that will definitely make your stay at the continent of MU priceless. The Abyssal Realm host so many events that will challenge you and your guildmates before you can covet some jawdropping rewards. There is also a Marriage System that you can try if you want to bring your partner in date while clearing some dungeons along the way.

9. Eternal Sword M

Eternal Sword M builds on the premise of time-traveling to save the world from destruction. If this sounds so epic then check out its epic visuals and nail-biting action while making your character become a hybrid of tech and science with cool armors and upgradeable wings that lets you time hop with style. Also, the second class options bring more repertoire of skills that will keep you enjoying invading perilous dungeons and going head-to-head with other players for an all-out skill festival.

10. Crisis:S

The last gem in our list is the cyberpunkish MMORPG Crisis:S. This game banks also in combining two different themes (fantasy and sci-fi) in an ultra-urban setting where you play as a mercenary. Your character will not depend on a class but you can totally modify its appearance as well as its gameplay base from stats, attributes, and equipment. Your staple weapon will be your trusty blade and gun that are both upgradeable and will let you experience becoming Dante from DMC as you slash and shoot baddies in the main storyline or in the dungeons.


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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love - that one looks really good
however, the most exciting mmorpg is the one we are playing this year altogether trying to survive through 2020

thank you for the article, though ~