Top 20 Selling Games of June 2020

This year might have been rough for most of us. But the games of the past and present saved us from the very pit of boredom. We've seen game companies releasing new games left and right, taking the opportunity of the quarantine's effects. And now, NPD's recent report revealed the Top 20 best-selling games of June 2020 on all platforms. Some of you may have a candidate in mind. So without further ado, here's the list of our top 20:

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The Last of Us: Part II took the world by storm when it was released last June 19, 2020. Even with the mixed reviews it received, it is clear that the critics bought the game. With the great success of its first game and the hype of its continuation, it wasn't that surprising to see how The Last of Us: Part II climbed through the list. It took the top spot from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

But CoD's multiplayer advantage will be able to retake its place in the long run.

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Securing its spot on top 3, Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizon still proves to be an addictive game for both young and adult players. Its adorable gameplay and graphics made a sensation after its release last March 2020.

Going to your friend's island using the Dodo code made the game more enjoyable. Just don't get caught hoarding seashells.

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Two of Rockstar's popular titles can also be seen from the list. Grand Theft Auto V came down to top 4 from its top 2 spot last May. Just like its predecessor, GTA San Andreas, its open-world and endless carnage will make you come back again and again. And up to this date, GTA V still receives updates from the developers and mods from the community.

Not far from its spot, Red Dead Redemption II took the sixth spot. The game is similar with how GTA works but replace the cars with horses and the setting with an old west.

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Who would've thought that Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure will make its way into this list. From the bottom spot of 837 last May, it rose to top 7. This game turns your simple yoga poses and daily exercise routines into deadly moves in-game. Using your two Switch controllers, turn them into two new motion sensors that will measure your real-world actions.

Those who want to get fit and enjoy their exercise at the same time will surely love this game. And seeing it in top 7 proves that the virus will never be an excuse to stay fit and healthy.

There are 20 game on the list. Perhaps, you haven't tried some of them. While you're staying at home, you might as well give them a try. If you've beaten the games, why not replay them once more. Personally, I expected Witcher 3 to be on the list since it was and still my favorite game.

But, seeing this new set of great games is a good way to explore and try new games. We still have time before reality kicks us back in. What do you think of this list? Did you see your candidates in mind? Share us your thoughts.


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Jun 12, 2020
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Paulo Bule
I didn't see Pokemon Go among the list. I'm just wondering what's wrong. Enlighten me.
Apparently, Pokemon Go is a free mobile game in Playstore and Android. I guess that's why it's not included in the list since they only included the paid games.