Top 3 Elden Ring PvP Meta Builds to Win Every Duel PC PS4 XBox One 


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Jun 10, 2022
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Winning every PvP duel on Elden Ring is a distant possibility if you do not have the right meta build equipped!
Elden Ring allows players to enjoy a pretty robust PvP system. Aside from all the secrets the game offers, you can still have fun dueling other players after all the stones have been turned.
The PvP aspect is so well realized that rumors even suggest an upcoming PvP-focused DLC could be in the works.
However, PvP can be pretty hard to master. Your build must fit your playstyle perfectly, and your skills should be on the spot to win a duel.
To master Elden Ring’s PvP, equipping meta builds and tuning them out yourself for optimal results is a must!
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Top 3 Elden Ring Meta PvP Builds to Dominate Duels
Before proceeding with one of these builds, remember that it must suit your personal playstyle.
For this reason, it is recommended that you equip these Elden Ring PvP meta builds and modify them as needed to fit your needs.

3. Shinobi Build – Bloodloss Strategy
This build requires precise movements. Nevertheless, this build is unstoppable once you master the fast pace, the combinations of the Rivers of Blood katana with the Bloodhounds Step Ash of War!
This is the equipment you need for this Elden Ring PvP meta build:
-Rivers of Blood Katana
-Blood Uchigatana with Seppuku Ash of War
-Dragon Communion Seal
-Any lightweight weapon with Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War
-Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
-Erdtree’s Favor
-Carian Filigreed Crest
-Winged Sword Insignia
-Thorny Cracked Tear
-Opaline Bubbletear
-Swarm of Flies
-Flame, Grant Me Strength
-Flame, Cleanse Me

For armor, you can wear any of your likings. However, keep in mind this build requires close proximity during combat, so pick an armor that is as robust as possible.
At a 210 level, these are the attribute distribution for the Shinobi build. Nonetheless, remember you can do some tweaking to make it work at -level 120.
-Vigor – 65
-Mind – 45
-Endurance – 40
-Strength – 21
-Dexterity – 48
-Intelligence – 15
-Faith – 20
-Arcane – 75

2. Frostfire Knight Build – Quick Consecutive Frostbite Strategy
This build is made for dueling primarily, as stacking up all the boost spells can take a while.
But, once everything is in place, the combination of dual Cold Slender Swords leads to rapid frost damage that is reset with the help of the Fire’s Deadly Sin Incantation.
-Noble’s Cold Slender Sword* with the Glintstone Pebble Ash of War
-Noble’s Cold Slender Sword* with the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War
-Frenzied Flame Seal
-Spiralhorn Shield with Carian Retaliation Ash of War
---Armor (61 Poise):
-Pumpkin Helm
-Cuckoo Knight Armor
-Fire Prelate Gauntlets
-Fire Prelate Greaves
-Erdtree’s Favor +2
-Great-Jar’s Arsenal
-Old Lord’s Talisman
-Millicent’s Prosthesis
-Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear
-Greenburst Crystal Tear
-Fire’s Deadly Sin
-Blessing’s Boon
-Golden Vow
-Bestial Sling
-Frenzied Burst
-Volcano Pots

*The Noble Slender Sword can be a bit complicated to farm. Due to this reason, you can substitute these swords with a dual Longsword combo if needed.
At level 150, these are the recommended attributes for this build.
-Vigor – 60
-Mind – 21
-Endurance – 25
-Strength – 12
-Dexterity – 56
-Intelligence – 26
-Faith – 25
-Arcane – 9

1. Glintstone Witch Build – Perfect for INT Spell Casters
This build is primarily for long-range duels and requires a high INT stat.
Despite its long range, the Clayman’s Magic Harpoon can pack a tremendous heavy attack if chained correctly after a Glintstone Pebble.
Also, if combat gets too close, you have Bloodhound’s Step to create some distance.
-Clayman’s Magic Harpoon with Glintstone Pebble Ash of War
-Carian Regal Scepter
-Magic Miséricorde with Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War
-Spiralhorn Shield with Carian Retaliation Ash of War
-Frenzied Flame Seal
-Spellblade’s Pointed Hat
-Malenia’s Armor (Altered)
-Malenia’s Gauntlet
-Bull-Goat Greaves
-Erdtree’s Favor +2
-Green Turtle Talisman
-Graven-Mass Talisman
-Radagon Icon
-Crimson Bubbletear
-Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear
-Swift Glintstone Shard
-Magic Glintblade
-Star Shower
-Carian Slicer
-Carian Piercer
-Gavel of Haima
-Cannon of Haima
-Eternal Darkness
-Law of Regression
-Boiled Crab
-Stanching Boluses

At level 150, these are the recommended attributes for this build.
-Vigor – 60
-Mind – 30
-Endurance – 17
-Strength – 12
-Dexterity – 12
-Intelligence – 80
-Faith – 7
-Arcane – 9

Now you are ready to defeat those online PvP duelists!