Top 4 Must Ban Heroes in Mobile Legends

These are the best heroes as of the current Patch 1.4.28 in original server. This is based on November 2019 Win Rate and common ban and picks from Professional Tournaments from November to December 2019.

This list will be in no particular order. Each heroes to be mentioned are considered to be equally ban-worthy currently.

1. Ling

Statistics as of November 30, 2019:
  • 52.26% Win Rate in Very High ELO
  • 1.72% Pick Rate in Very High ELO
  • Top 23 Most Picked Hero in Very High ELO
  • S+ Tier Assassin
He is considered very overpowered by most players. He is so useful because of his first skill that lets him jump and stand on walls. This gives him high mobility and map vision for the whole team. He has a high chance to steal enemy jungle and secure objectives. He can split push. He can back his teammates up in teamfights quickly.

His weakness is the fact that he deals low damage early game. So if his team managed to survive early game, Ling will definitely dominate mid to late game.

2. X.Borg

Statistics as of November 30, 2019:
  • 53.26% Win Rate in Very High ELO
  • 2.35% Pick Rate in Very High ELO
  • Top 8 Most Picked Hero in Very High ELO
  • S+ Tier Fighter
He is a versatile pick. He can be played as fighter, semi-tank, or even support. He can be a midlaner or sidelaner. He has skill sets that makes him deal considerably high damage even if build with pure defense items. It is because his passive makes him deal true damage. It also makes him tanky because of the extra 30% of his HP Regenerated via his Firaga Armor. His first skill helps him to clear waves fast. He can even defend a lane successfully against 1v2 match-up.

He is very hard to counter. That is why he is most of the times banned in pro tournaments and in draft picks. Also, he is not easy to master that is why only a few picked him in solo ranked games. Those are some weakpoints for this overpower hero.

3. Kaja

Statistics as of November 30, 2019:
  • 54.45% Win Rate in Very High ELO
  • 1.14% Pick Rate in Very High ELO
  • Top 35 Most Picked Hero in Very High ELO
  • S Tier Fighter
He is a fighter/support hero that was almost kicked out of the top ban and pick. His effectiveness is team-based because he is a support. He is a rare pick in solo ranked games because he is only successful with good teammates. His ultimate skill gives him the ability to pick-off enemies in a blink of an eye with the help of his teammates. Even of he successfully catch an enemy with his ultimate skill but his teammates are not good, a Kaja pick is not utilized fully.

He is still a bit overpowered after all of the negative adjustments for him in the previous patch notes. He has high early game damage and very good in peeling. That is why Kaja is better picked for duo or full 5-man team because of his peeling potential. He can help the carry hero to snowball in order for the team to win.

The popularity of Masha also gives rise to the popularity of Kaja. It is because of the pick-off potential of Kaja to quickly make 4v5 situations into 4v4 while Masha can split push.

4. Masha

Statistics as of November 30, 2019:
  • 55.43% Win Rate in Very High ELO
  • 2.33% Pick Rate in Very High ELO
  • Top 10 Most Picked Hero in Very High ELO
  • S Tier Fighter
Masha is currently considered as the Queen of Fighters. That means she is generally accepted as the best among all of the fighters as of now. She is good in 1v1, split push, and killing turtle and lord solo. She is best paired with Kaja because of Kaja's pick-off potential and Masha's split push capability.

One downside of Masha is her utility in teamfights. Her skill set is not designed for teamfights but only against fewer opponents plus she can deal high damage to turrets, lord, and turtle. She is rarely picked by solo players because solo players depend on winning the teamfight first before pushing turrets.


In this list, there are three fighters. The fighters really dominated the current META. It is because fighters have both damage and defense. They are also versatile picks.

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