Top 4 Philippines Teams Set for Battle in Call of Duty Mobile Garena’s Clan Invasion Grand Final

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Top 4 Philippines Teams Set for Battle in Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena’s Clan Invasion Grand Finals Fire Team, XD Gaming, NRX 316, Salty Salad to battle on 28 December 2019

On 28th December, the Philippines’ Top 4 teams for Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena will compete for a total prize pool worth PHP 305,000 in the inaugural Clan Invasion Grand Finals held at TNC Highground, Metro Manila.

Following their online qualifiers held on 30 November, the Philippines region held a regional qualifier featuring the nation’s Top 16 teams as well. In the upcoming grand finals, the Top 4 teams to compete are Fire Team, XD Gaming, NRX 316, Salty Salad.

The overall champion will bring home the grand prize of PHP 150,000 followed by PHP 80,000 for the first runner up, PHP 45,000 for the second runner up and PHP 30,000 for fourth place.

Event attendees can enter for free and will stand a chance to win a Black Shark 2 Pro gaming phone from the lucky draw as well as collect official Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena merchandise.

Additionally, Clan Invasion: Philippines Grand Finals will host an Influencer Showdown featuring local influencers such as Sinio, Ella Cruz, Izzy, Banoobs, Chambalero representing team Better Run. The team of five will face Moymoy Palaboy, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Senpai Kazu, Frhea Jamil and JustinWeaver representing team Game Of Throws.

By tuning in to the official livestream of the event, viewers can stand a chance to win Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena credits via redemption code. To catch the livestream action, tune in to the official Call of Duty® Mobile Facebook page and official YouTube channel from 10 am onwards on 28th December 2019.

In November, Garena announced Clan Invasion to mark Call of Duty® Mobile – Garena’s 1st National Esports tournament for Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Each country hosted its’ own national tournament with separate prize pools totaling more than USD 15,000.

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24 th December, 2019

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