Top 5 Must Learn Heroes in Mobile Legends


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Jul 14, 2018
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This is the top 5 Heroes any beginner should be focusing and learning

Amongst the current pool of heroes, there are a few heroes in which you must learn in order to play thru higher ranks.

These heroes often offer you the capability to carry the whole teams without having to rely much on your teammates while some offers

the best team fighting utilities/abilities in which makes them a must learn hero. This top 5 list are one of the few common heroes that you should learn and have in order to push thru higher ranks.


Helcurt is one of the less popular heroes yet when you try him you'd find yourself clearing jungle camps in no time as well as assassinating squishies in a blink of an eye.

Why should you learn Helcurt?

Helcurt's ultimate is a team fight changing ultimate as this blinds your enemies from where you and your team will be attacking from and who your target would be. This ultimate also negates the enemy marksman or any ranged heroes as they won't be able to lock down your teams due to short vision.

Helcurt also has an insane burst damage if you stack your stingers to a max of 4 in which you'll easily be able to burst down any squishy targets. In addition to that, his passive which silences enemies is a great tool to negate enemy mages as well as interrupt their combos making him a high utility and burst assassin. Which is why players should start learning and playing Helcrut more.


Lesley is one of the loved heroes ever since she was released, thanks to her potential to deal high damage and chipping down enemies to low health while keeping her distance.

Why should you learn Lesley?

Lesley is a relatively basic marksman in which the only things you'd need to know when playing her is positioning, poking and her abilities. Once you know these 3 you're basically a one-man army in which before your enemies get near you, you've more or less chipped down their health to low health making them afraid to continue their pursuit and if they come near you, you can just use your grenade to knock them away and continue attacking them. Another thing to note is that her 1st ability, Active Camouflage, Makes her non targettable to basic attacks as well as lock-in abilities but is susceptible to AoE abilities and that this ability also gives a temporary damage boost which makes it more fun to play around with.

While your ultimate leaves you vulnerable, it's also a great finisher ability towards fleeing or hard to reach enemies. Which overall makes Lesley a marksman that excels in long distance engagements and a must learn hero.


Gussion is one of the fancy assassins and the 2nd mage type assassin that can easily go in and out of the battle after assassinating your target.

Why should you learn Gussion?

Gussion is a tricky assassin to play with yet rewards players who master him, specifically saying that Gussion's bread and butter is his 2nd skill in which this ability can easily burst down any heroes(Yes even tanks!) if positioned and played right. And if you follow it up with your ultimate, which refreshes your basic abilities; the burst damage can be doubled in an instant but to maximize its effect its always best to call and recall your 2nd ability first before lunching another set of knives.

Gussion's 1st and passive ability also makes it trickier to go up against as your 1st ability lets you dash behind your marked targets which is a great tool for juking enemies and if they're not careful enough your passive can easily finish them off. Overall just having Gussion alone makes enemies hesitate to go near due to your high damage with your 2nd ability.


Kagura is one of the old yet popular heroes due to her versatility as well as high mobility that can easily wipe out enemies if played right.

Why should you learn Kagura?

Kagura is one of the common mage heroes in which players can easily learn after a few games yet she is more complex than you think.

Her 1st ability makes her enemies always on guard as to where her umbrella is as you can easily follow up with using your ultimate. This then makes your enemies think twice in getting near you, sometimes even forces them to back down at their tower.

With kagura's high mobility and utility, she's much more of a threat towards all 3 lanes as she can easily roam to assist her teammates so if you practice this as often as you could you'd eventually find yourself carrying the team and snowballing to victory. But if you just play and maintain in the lane then you're still struggling as Kagura which is normal as you're still learning the ropes.

Overall her abilities and utility make her a mage that can easily burst and lock down targets as well as her ultimate being a team fight oriented ability.


Lancelot, ever since his release has been considered to be one of the most "OP" heroes due to his abilities and kit.

Why should you learn Lancelot?

Lancelot is a mater carry in his craft, being able to wipe out teams in a blink of an eye especially if you land your skills at the right moment.

Lancelot's 2nd skill thorned rose is an ability that can easily burst out targets that are isolated as this deals more damage if there are fewer targets in the area. While your 1st ability can constantly give you that needed mobility if you chain it against minions, jungle camps, and heroes correctly. And as a kicker, your ultimate can finish off enemies as well as give you a means of escaping without having to waste your 1st ability.

One thing that makes Lancelot a must learn hero is that aside from him being a common pick and ban, his carry and threat potential is still true especially if you've mastered Lancelot.

Overall learning Lancelot can bring you more wins than playing other heroes but be warned as Lancelot is often picked and banned due to as mentioned, being able to truly carry teams

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