Top 5 Notorious Video Game Cheat Codes That You Are Guilty Of Using

At some point in our lives, we are guilty of committing one of the most common sins of modern-day people today: cheating. We've been experienced cheating to score better in our exams and there are times we cheated even our loves (how evil can you be?!). And of course, all of these can make you sick and guilty at the end of the day.

But when it comes to cheating in video games, it's a different story for most of us.

Although it seems debatable for many conservatives out there, cheat codes are made to make us enjoy video games more. Infinite lives. Secret characters. Access to high-level weapons. Extra scenes or bosses. Those are actually created by game developers not to gauge you to become cheaters but for the sake of the spirit of fun. And it has been a tradition, even for the popular titles, to keep the game entertaining by freely giving away cheat codes or challenge gamers to find it out for themselves.

In honor of those countless cheat codes that gave us a heck of a good time, here are the most popular cheats in video games that we know every one of us is guilty of pulling off.

1. GTA Series

Grand Theft Auto's gangsta vibe set in the urban jungle will always have a special place in our hearts...and so does the countless cheat codes that perhaps you encountered seeing plastered in every cubicle of every computer shops before. From making your character die-harder or just to make you laugh out loud, GTA has all the codes you need.

Among the fan-faves during Vice City days is PANZER that lets you spawn a freaking tank in the middle of the traffic and lay waste upon the police. Of course, there is also the infamous ASPIRIN to make your health full all day long and NUTTERTOOLS if you want to go commando and have all the heaviest and baddest weapons.

2. Doom God Mode

The granddaddy of FPS has given many players a nightmarish experience upon realizing that alien monsters are just around the corner of the labyrinth-like environment that they exploring. Luckily, Doom's developer gave gamers the blessing of one of the earliest forms of the classic "godmode" cheat that makes you the unkillable gun-totting killing machine.

Just type in IDDQD and you are ready to brutalize those Martians. Here is a fun fact though: DQD stands for "Delta-Q-Delta", a fraternity created by the Doom main programmer Dave Taylor.

3. Mortal Kombat Blood Code

If you think Mortal Kombat still needs more gore (hello there Fatalities!) and the urge to splatter your enemy with their own blood seems to be the perfect finale for your winning combo, then this cheat code is for you. Available only on Genesis, just punch in the code A-B-A-C-A-B-B and enjoy punching your opponent until they bleed all over the screen.

4. Warcraft III: DOTA cheat codes

No gamers who spend who devotedly spend their days in computer shop (even during school time haha) can never forget the over-the-top cheats that they can use in the infamous forefather of all MOBA games, Defense of The Ancient I. You can only use these cheats of course in Custom Maps but it's worth the fun and the laugh. There are the common cheats -AP (All Pick heroes) and -NP (No Power-Ups) that used religiously by players before.

If you want to take it to the extreme, there is WhosYourDaddy code that makes you the embodiment of Saitama and one-hit KO everyone. Greedisgood, on the other hand, makes you rack up golds immediately while -WTF (and you can even use it in DOTA 2!) is the skill spammer's friend as it gave them no skill cooldown and zero mana cost.

5. Konami Cheat Code

This article will not end without mentioning the ultimate retro cheat that helps those gamers to finally finish all the insane and frustrating levels of Contra and even unlocking expert mode in Castlevania to dare themselves for another round of sleepless vampire hunting session.

The Konami Code becomes so famous that many games outside Konami even use it such as Ratchet and Clank and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Who could even forget the button combinations Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A? I bet your uncle and even your dad know this like the back of their hands! This is perhaps the cheat code of all cheat codes and will forever remind us of the fun times of having just your console and cartridge to keep your company all night long.

There you have it, folks! If you know some cheat codes that we missed, just head on to the comment section and share those cheats for everyone to have fun with!