Top Clans 2020 Ambassadors Rally Their Country for Passion and Glory

Guild of Guardians
While the esports industry is still young, it is filled with very passionate individuals. These individuals are determined to show that competitive video gaming is more than just a hobby, it is a profession and livelihood for them. Esports is on its way to becoming fully legitimized and with the help of esports ambassadors, our industry can get its message across and be accepted fully by the people.

NetEase Games has shown its continuous support for the gaming and esports industry’s growth through its various programs and projects across Southeast Asia, including the recently launched Top Clans 2020 despite the ongoing pandemic.

#ThisIsPassion for Gaming and Esports

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Trailblazing behind the campaign of #ThisIsPassion, NetEase Games hopes to rally the gaming and esports community by continuing its projects, events, and tournaments from grassroots to professional level despite the ongoing pandemic.

NetEase Games’ biggest and most ambitious project this year is the return of Top Clans for 2020.

Top Clans 2020 aims to capitalize on the success of last year’s tournament with a bigger total prize pool of USD 85,000, as well as adding four new game titles: DOTA 2, MARVEL Super War, TEKKEN 7, and NetEase's newly released game, Tom and Jerry: Chase.

In tandem with industry leaders from the esports and gaming ecosystem, NetEase Games will provide more avenues for aspiring gamers to continue pursuing their dream of becoming the best esports athletes, in what will be the biggest tournament in Southeast Asia in 2020.

The Top Clans 2020 Ambassadors

Aside from the competition, Top Clans 2020 aims to give spotlight to the passionate people in esports through its #ThisIsPassion campaign. To strengthen this advocacy, Top Clans 2020 will be featuring the Top Clans 2020 Ambassadors from five Southeast Asian countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, & Vietnam.

Top Clans 2020 will be having Rizalmuk (ID), Mrcocan (MA), Cherizawa (PH), DJ.โนอี้ (TH), and DK Khi (VN) as its Top Clans 2020 Ambassadors. Each ambassador will feature at least one game title to show the viewers how the game is played in their content and live streams throughout the Top Clans 2020 Tournament.


The ambassadors will be inviting the community to play with them while they are streaming in rank modes or in custom games. There's a lot for the community to watch out for as the ambassadors will be giving out game rewards to lucky players. Aside from that, the Top Clans 2020 ambassadors will also be covering the Top Clans 2020 Tournament from start to finish. They will be having game reviews where they will be analyzing the matches for the viewers to understand the nitty gritty of the games.

Join the Top Clans 2020 Ambassadors as they rally for their respective countries and see who will reign supreme in the Top Clans 2020! Aside from supporting your favorite esports teams, you’ll also get a chance to win awesome in-game items and merchandise when you watch the official Top Clans 2020 stream.

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