TOP CLANS 2020 - MARVEL Super War: Thai and PH Teams Reign Supreme in Group Stage

The Top Clans 2020 - MARVEL Super War Southeast Asia (SEA) Invitational has been a blast so far, with so many teams from all over the region showcasing their skills and talents in the battlefield.

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We already know which teams are going to the Knockout Stage from Group A and B, let’s find out which exceptional teams from Group C & D will complete our Top 8 and move on to the next phase of the tournament.

Thailand’s Tuby Unmatched in Group C

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Limitless X Ratchet had strong start in their games against the Philippines’ FINESSE Phoenix and Thailand’s I DO NOT SLEEP. Unfortunately for the Indonesia squad, they just couldn’t keep the pace in the late game and dropped their first two games of the tournament.

Meanwhile, FINESSE Phoenix failed to sustain their momentum after a convincing win against Limitless X Ratchet. They were able to keep the gold lead even for the majority of the match against Tuby in the third game, but a decisive fight for Surtur in the 12-minute mark gave the Thai squad all they needed to make one final push for victory. FINESSE suffered the same fate in the fourth game holding off I DO NOT SLEEP’s early aggression and even getting a chance to steal the win, but the Thai side was just too good, closing the game with a decisive mid lane team fight.

Thailand’s Tuby continued their dominance in Group C, taking down Limitless X Ratchet and I DO NOT SLEEP in quick succession in the fifth and sixth game, to secure their spot in the Knockout Stage. These results also set up a three-way tie between the three other squads for the final spot in the Knockout Stage for Group C.

Limitless X Ratchet and I DO NOT SLEEP faced-off in the first tiebreaker game, with the Limitless gaining the early through smart rotations. But the Thai representatives remained poised and ultimately took the victory through a pivotal team fight in the jungle. In the next tiebreaker game it looked like I DO NOT SLEEP had everything under control but FINESSE Phoenix’s Moltuks stole Surtur away from the Thai team to save their tournament. The PH squad used this opportunity to come back from a huge deficit and defeat I DO NOT SLEEP, and booked their spot to the Knockout Stage.

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Imperium Pro Team undefeated in Group D

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The champion of the Tournament of Bast PH Qualifier and one of the tournament favorites, Imperium Pro Team (IPT), opened up Group D with two impressive victories. IPT took down both Papa Franku and Anastacia Esport in under 15-minute games, garnering a total 36 knockouts and dying only twice in two games

Papa Franku failed to redeem themselves this time falling to Indonesia’s Limitless Alpha in a tightly contested third game. The Indonesian representatives themselves failed to sustain the momentum after their win against Limitless, succumbing to Anastacia Esport’s superior team fighting and map rotations in a lopsided fourth game.

In the fifth game of the day, Anastacia Esport secured their second win after crushing Indonesia’s Limitless Alpha in a quick 13-minute game off the back of Lemon’s Gambit pick. Meanwhile, Limitless Alpha put up a decent fight against group-leading Imperium Pro Team, but the Philippine squad was just better at every facet of the game. IPT ended the Group Stage with a 3-0 record. Imperium Pro Team and Anastacia will move on to the Knockout Stage as the representatives of Group D.

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The action continues in the Knockout Stage of the Top Clans 2020 tournament with the following teams joining us in the next phase of the tournament:

Group A
  • Supremeverse (Singapore/Malaysia)
  • NMD Outlast (Philippines)
Group B
  • NMD Rage (Philippines)
  • Bren Esports (Philippines)
Group C
  • Tuby (Thailand)
  • FINESSE Phoenix (Philippines)
Group D
  • Imperium Pro Team (Philippines)
  • Anastacia Esport (Thailand)
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The Knockout Stage will begin on October 8, 2020 (Thursday). Be sure to follow our official channels so you wouldn’t miss out on any news and updates about the biggest MARVEL Super War tournament in Southeast Asia:

  • (Thai stream)
Aside from supporting your favorite teams, you also have a chance to win in-game items just by watching the stream for each match, mystery codes will appear during highlights (first blood, double etc.) and fans need to send the codes in the chat for a chance to win. The winners will be announced after each match on Top Clans 2020’s official Facebook channels.

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