TOP games for 2020

Michael Singson

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Jan 24, 2020
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A lot of online games are to be introduced this 2020. There are certain gamers out there who are eyeing on the old schoolers like RAGNAROK and DIABLO IMMORTAL which are really crazy great games. Come to think of it, you can play such game s n your monile phone nowadays as to comparing it to what we had in tha past.

This is not just about Diablo or Ragnarok, there are several more games that are just about as popular as them too which are out in the market today and will still hold the top spots in the gaming arena.

Let's give it examples, PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLE GROUND (PUBG) who does not know about PUBG? A lot of people all over the world plays this game certainly not only Asians but those in the west too. It is such an exciting game especially if you have downloaded all the maps so as not to stick just to one some sort of a level. There are many ways they added excitement to the game especially the suits, clothing and what not. This game will still be in one of the top spots this 2020.

We still cannot resist the charm of the 5V5 MOBA game-- Mobile Legends. Wherein they keep on adding new heroes, updating (increasing or decreasing) skill damages and cool downs, making sure that there are several reasons not to get bored playing it. It is just a bit expensive when it comes to the diamond amounts per say but if you really enjoy it then what can you do about it right? It was even added to the eSPORTS games in the ASEAN games making it really really popular among all the people in Asia. This will also hold one of the top spots in 2020.

Lastly, who can ever forget one the latest realeases last year that made a lot of people get stuck on their phones for hours--- Call of Duty:Mobile. This certainly has done the year 2019 because people have been longing to play it. PS4 no more since one of their best games already is out in the market and can be played for free by just downloading it. This for sure will hold the top spot in this upcoming year.