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Roviel Villapana

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Sep 18, 2014
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Many Filipino gamers began their gaming career playing MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) and without a doubt is one of the biggest influence in gaming in the Philippines.

Before the pisonet era which is by far the most toxic, there was a boom in internet cafes back in 2003 which we later know as computer shops. Back then there was no YouTube or Twitch so if you want to watch a gamer playing you will have to go to this shops and watch from behind so basically criticism are real and not behind any of computer screen where keyboard warriors these days are rampant.

So let's go back to the MMO game history in the Philippines and check out what made them great from the beginning.

Oz World
To many Filipinos, this is their entry to the internet, although it's not much of gaming but more of social space for you to interact with other players it definitely marked the start of a new online generation.

Developed by Ubiport, and first launched in 1999. Oz World was the place for players to build in-game houses, interact, go fishing, participate in social activities and even get married.

Ragnarok Online
Developed by Gravity Co, Ragnarok Online is by far the most popular of them all as this game basically pioneered the gaming market in the Philippines, with zennys and items being sold for real money.

The game is set in medieval fantasy with cute characters with gameplay that suits your playstyle! and did I mention about the poring? this basically becomes the mascot of the game.

I vividly remember the time where com shops are filled with people playing RO 24/7 players are basically living on this shops spending real money for items and top up cards (oh boy this game made lots of kids fail in school).

However, the game slowly faded away due to the rise of competition and controversy with the GM's corruption with other players.

O2 Jam
Just by mentioning this game your brain is already playing the flying magpie music. Developed by Momo not to be confused by Momoland, this game is one of the first rhythm based online game that majority of Filipinos played.

It was first released in 2006 however it only had a short run as the O2Jam Philippines closed down around September of 2009.

RF Online - Rising Force Online
Developed by CCR, RF Online was not just a game but more of a job! Why? each race is tasked to fight in an ongoing war the rewards everyone who participated, you basically have to join this chip wars that occur daily but don't get me wrong this is insanely fun as it brings the PVP to another level.

Hundreds of players in three different races such as Bellato Union, Holy Alliance Cora, and Accretian Empire duke it out in a war of whoever breaks the chip. The race who manages to break the chip are rewarded with higher drops when mining, this, in turn, makes your economy better and prices drops.

The also has a weird but satisfying progress system, as the game incorporates PT system which grants you additional power whenever you train this points. A level 30 character with no PT training will not win with a level 30 character with max PT so imaging you are Goku and where you just keep on training to max those PT.

Don't let the cute graphics turn you off as behind all that this game has a lot of math involved. I remember having my own excel calculator to compensate for wind velocity and distance for every shot.

Developed by Softnyx formerly known as Mobius Games, Gunbound is a turn-based shooting game simillar to the classic scorch earth or worms as you compensate for every shots angle and strength with the external factors such as wind direction and speed.

MU Online
Released by Webzen MU Online was one of the best looking MMO RPG back in 2003. Each character has a very stylized armor accompanied by inane skill effects. This game was not as popular as Ragnarok mainly because of the graphics required to run this game back then.

MU Online is reminescent or actually is like an online version of Diablo 1 and 2. Each armor set can be customized weapons can have gems and many more.

Up to this date, the original MU has a lot of private servers running across the world.

Ran Online
Developed by Min Communications, Ran Online is a campus-themed MMORPG as the game is set in real life school and cities. Players takes the role of students as you combat evil forces and participate in PVP.

Ran Online has six different classes that you can select from, namely the Brawler, Archer, Swordsman, Shaman, Extreme and Scientist. The games were initially released in the Philippines back in 2006.

Flyff - Fly for Fun
Created by Gala Lab Corp formerly known as Aensoft, Flyff was published in the Philippines by Level up games back in 2005. This game is a fantasy MMORPG wherein players can fly with the aid of a boom, riding board, bike and wings when you reach level 20.

The game was unique because you can engage combat while flaying with over a dozen of classes you can choose from. The games level cap is set to 150 with a lot of social features.

Rose Online
This game didn't make much traction compared to its predecessor although it was an attempt made by Gravity Interactive, the game was still a refreshing take as characters are made in full 3D something which is pretty much rare back in the days.

Rose Online was my alternative for Ragnaroks dated appeal, the problem was there were only a few Filipinos playing the game this was hindered due to the 3D requirements which not all Internet Cafes had before.

Rose was first released on 2012 by Gravity Interactive.

Other Notable MMOS
  • Tantra
  • World of Warcraft
  • Perfect World
  • Cabal Online
  • GunZ
  • Dragon Nest
  • Point Blank
  • Crosffire
  • Mercenary Online
  • Special Forces
This are just some of the games i found nostalgic ill update this whenever i remember them, also feel free to let me know the MMO game that made you feel nostalgic in the comments

Hernandez Kyle

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Sep 11, 2018
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You forgot the RuneScape and LineAge II
Sa tingin ko yung LineAge II hyped pa din sya ngayon at yung RuneScape naman ok pa din sya kaso wala na masyadong pinoy player --_--

Hernandez Kyle

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Sep 11, 2018
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I almost forgot the "Twelve Sky 2" actually kaka pre-registration ko lang ngayon ng bagong irerelease na server. Yung developer ng game "Playwith" which is sya din yung dev na naglabas ng bagong server ng Rohan ngayon

FB PAGES (Yan lang kaya ko mabigay)
Twelve Sky 2

Mas mataas ratings ng Twelve sky 2 despite na upcoming pa lang sya at irerelease next week Oct3 to be exact siguro dahil na din sa mga new features