Torchlight: Infinite’s Closed Beta Test is now available for PC and mobile devices

XD International announces that the closed beta test of its free to play ARPG, Torchlight: Infinite, is now available for both Android and PC. The CBT has already started yesterday and will continue for two weeks. It will end on September 19th, 10AM (UTC+8).

torchlight infinite.jpg

About Torchlight: Infinite, via its Steam page:

Take off to the journey with Torchlight heroes dedicated to conquering the darkness and restoring light to the land of Leptis in this true loot-based ARPG. Build your very own heroes with ultimate build flexibility, loot-based grinding and extravagant boss fights.

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The Journey to Restore Light and Brilliance

When Ember Tech submerged to every corner on the land of Leptis 200 years after Torchlight II... all lives thrive under the Ember power. Beyond the prosperous civilization, the darkness that never stops corrupting begins to consume and outwit lives... It is then, a team of heroes with elite powers emerges. They confront darkness in the eye as they embark in the epic quest to fight back darkness corrupted Aemberons.

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Grind to Get All

Loot to upgrade build styles and to establish a sparkling private legendary catalog. Unlimited drops from battles all await for your selection to reveal their true value. Enhance hero builds or to prove your grind power in the in-game free-market.

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Rich Build Possibilities

Together with 5 unique heroes - and many more to come - 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, 230+ powerful skills all fuelling into the utmost infinite possibility of hero builds to suit any playstyle. Whether it's blasting foes with fields of fire and ice, hacking and slashing through waves of Aemberons, or raining fury justice down with magical projectiles - you build your very own hero!

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Ultimate Free-Market

A hundred Torchlight Hunters can aspire to an infinite amount of unique hero builds, and you can be an important component to someone's prominent build. Utilize the Trade house to be a part of a booming economy. One man's trash might be another man's treasure! No one knows how much value your loots hold, until you get involved!

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Bustling Thrill

With no stamina and no cooldowns, grind in full power anytime, anywhere! Whether you choose to smash down the incoming waves with melee attacks; blast off magical explosions and draining pools; snipe down ranged enemies, you own your very battle style. Nothing can hold you back from revealing the secrets of the fading light…

torchlight infinite6.jpg

Burden-free Gaming

Staying outright free-to-play, all gears, affixes, crafting material and upgrades on attributes are all loot-based. Exclusive drops to accomplish your unique build style goals can only be obtained from power grinds. Further your personal visions on builds and appearance from available microtransactions.

All account data and progress will be deleted after the CBT ends. However, for purchases such as Primocrysts and items that were made throughout CBT3, it will be rebated at a 1:1 ratio on the official launch to the same accounts per regional server. But for gifted Primocrysts and Jagged Primocrysts from the Monthly Pass and Season Pass, this does not apply.

For interested players, there are unlimited spots available for both Android and PC. However, for iOS, the spots are limited due to the nature of TestFlight. Download the game now through iOS, Android, or PC.