Touken Ranbu Musou’s First Gameplay Demo

During the livestream at TGS2021, DMM Games revealed Touken Ranbu Musou’s first demo play.


The live stream invited voice actors Tomoaki Maeno, who played Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, and Kengo Takanashi, who played Yamanbagiri Chougi, to play the game.

Touken Ranbu Musou is a beat-em-up hack-and-slash fighting game like the other Dynasty Warriors games. Players will be following the touken danshi to join historical wars and to complete different missions by fighting along the way.

mahabang touken.jpeg

Players can choose one of the playable characters as well as a buddy character to fight alongside you. One of the main highlights of the game is the impressive 3D animation when the character unleashes their special attacks.

3d animation effect.jpg

The two characters that the player has chosen can also unleash special attacks together (Link Attacks) while different sword combinations will have different effects.

link attack.jpg

But if you're not familiar with the Musou game series, there is a simple mode to unleash different attacks and avoid attacks with just one button and in case you get lost, Konnosuke will lead the way.


In Honmaru, players can assign the touken danshi in Internal Affairs, just like in the original Touken Ranbu game. A Special Dialogue will appear when you accumulate the bond gauge by pairing up the swords together. Players can also nurture the swords and get materials in Honmaru.

Moreover, a mode is revealed called “Unanalyzed Battlefield.” Here, players will need to fight and search their way to unlock the whole area. The stage will only be cleared when the whole area is 100% analyzed. There is also the night battle mode that showcases a totally different mood from the Musou mode.

Touken Ranbu Warriors is set to be released on February 17, 2022 on PC and Switch via DMM Games in Japan. The game will also be released in the West on May 24, 2022 as per the announcement of KOEI TECMO.