Tower of Fantasy caught using bots to steal reviews from Genshin Impact on the iOS App Store

Even before the SSR bug fiasco completely clears out, Tower of Fantasy has another issue to address and resolve.

tower of fantasy.jpg

A few days ago it was found out that Tower of Fantasy’s star reviews have suspiciously gone up from its previous star review of 3.1 to now 4 stars. Many people who have seen it found it suspicious especially with the unlimited SSR bug, it was unusual that the game has suddenly got positive reviews.

tof stealing reviews.png

As the people investigated, they took a quick look at the app store review of the game, and many chinese users have found out that the reviews that Tower of Fantasy received was just a straight copy and paste review from Genshin Impact, with the keyword ‘genshin’ removed. It was then concluded that they must have panicked with the low star reviews and decided to mass 5 star review the game using the reviews from Genshin Impact.

Also, if you have seen the reviews, a lot of it ends with this symbol “,”. This is a bot. With this trick pulled by them, Tower of Fantasy is now getting less downloads in a day than Genshin Impact in China. Not surprising but definitely disappointing since Tower of Fantasy was only released recently.