Tower of Fantasy - Cross-Platform Anime MMORPG Might Be Worth The Wait

Chinajoy 2020 brought us tons of exciting mobile games that we'll soon get to play. Tower of Fantasy was revealed a few months ago in China and is back to give us another hyping trailer from the recent conference.

Tower of Fantasy a.jpg

There's not much difference since it was first revealed. But the simple vague concept and exhilarating anime battle animations are enough to keep your interest on high. Despite coming from an indie team Hotta Studio, the overall look of the game is promising. We've seen a lot of anime games already.

Tower of Fantasy b.jpg

From the good old days of Grand Chase and Elsword, to the sophisticated Hyperdimension Neptunia, Phantasy Star Series, and Honkai Impact 3. But it seems that Tower of Fantasy might accomplish a new feat with its rumored open world feature. Perfect World Games, known for publishing known games such as Torchlight 3, will also be the publisher of this new game.

Tower of Fantasy c.jpg

It's still not clear whether this game be an open world or an MMO co-op RPG. Either way, this game already has competitors on both genre such as Blue Protocol or Genshin Impact. Not to mention the already existing Honkai Impact 3. And just as we love RPG customs, Tower of Fantasy offers great pool of customization, from clothing, weapon, skills, and even classes. We all want to be unique in our own way inside the game.

The team also stated that there are "hidden classes" within the game that you can unlock my mixing different combinations. Well, that's interesting. We've also seen from the trailer that players can actually battle anyone in PvP anywhere. Let's just hope that this game will promote proper PvP rather than the old ways of PK (Player Killing). As for the PvE, it seems that you can cooperate with others to do PvE missions.

Tower of Fantasy, known as Phantom Tower in China, will soon begin its first tests. Finally, the questions of WHEN and WHERE. Well, basically, it's in China, so it will start in China. There's no confirmed date as to when it will be released. But for those who are interested to try it soon, the pre-registration has already begun. It's still under great development, so we can't expect it to hit this year. What do you think of this game? Do you think this will satisfy your anime-styled battle hunger?