Tower of Fantasy leaks: Vera 3rd city, new jungle area and more

The community has just started to hear about Tower of Fantasy leaks. Many of the leaks, such as the addition of additional areas to the map, have already been seen on the CN server. Surprisingly, these new map sections and territories are already included in the ToF global version's game files, even though their appearance on the global server is expected.


1. Disorderly Abyss (with ToF patch 2.1 update)


The region appears to have some history with a certain Simulacrum and releasing new ones, according to the PV of the CN version and some information from the CN community. From the trailer, we can see that Ruby and a fresh Simulacrum named "Lie Ye" are involved.

2. Mirroria Extension (with ToF patch 2.2 update)


With the 2.2 update, the Mirroria map has been considerably extended (at least 4 times bigger than the Mirroria map shown in the 2.0 patch). International players should be happy about the patch since it will likely unleash a ton of amusing features and pleasant activities, as can be inferred from the CN server and PV.

3. Miasma, Vera Expansion – North West of Vera (with ToF Patch 2.3 update)


The 2.3 update patch from the leaks and the CN patch PV, Tower of Fantasy, bring Miasma, a new environmental change in the Vera map extension. In stark contrast to the dry environment, the teaser depicts a tropical scene with wetlands and a rainforest.

4. Underwater plus City Extension (with ToF patch 3.0 update)


With a highly unique scenery, ambiance, and gaming mechanics, Tower of Fantasy energizes yet another wholly unique location. On the CN Server, players may now explore a brand-new underwater environment that will debut on December 16th, 2022. Thanks to the PV, the Underwater Water World now contains more recently added components and deeper deep underwater areas.