Tower of Fantasy, open action RPG, coming soon in mobile and PC?

With more games coming in China, we are seeing that some of them really has the potential to be great. Azur Lane comes to mind when it first launched and it was celebrated by a lot of people especially those who are attached to Kantai Collection but can't play due to region-locking then came Arknights which revived the tower defense game genre albeit in mobile phones than the original PC mods in Warcraft and Starcraft, but its deep lore, history and world-building sets it up for great content for those who are seeking those kinds of thrills.

We can't forget Honkai Impact 3 by miHoYo which sets the high bar for mobile gaming. However, we won't be talking about them today, we will talk about a new game that is set to launch in China with the hope it will launch in the West.

The game that we are going to talk today is Tower of Fantasy, dubbed in China as Phantom Tower, people are still wondering if it will be released on the West, why? Because it just looks so damn fantastic, the trailer, some images and the rest and you'll see that a lot of work has been given attention to the game. Apparently, days of looking at cheap knock-offs in Chinese game companies are now over and they are beginning to compete with themselves (miHoYo's Genshin Impact) and with the other giants that plan to enter the industry.

Tower of Fantasy is leaning more of a sci-fi trend with various environments and vehicles used are hoverboards, jetpacks and other things futuristic, which is if you ask me sounds like a solid idea! While we have leaning on the nature and modern side in games, a futuristic one might be a fresh idea subjectively for me, tell us your thoughts though in the comments.

Those who have played it mentioned things like the game is frantic and fast-paced, despite not seeing ranged battle, they hope to see more ranged and long distance attackers which I agree, some of the people would like to go and just support the melee attackers or do damage on the long distance to avoid getting damage themselves, artillery saves the day! I won't go too deep in what there is since these are just anecdotes of those who have tried and saw the game, however when it's officially released you bet we'll cover it.

When will it be released though? There's still no release date yet both for China and the West, however, there's a pre-registration in the Chinese version but you'll be playing in their server which might be troublesome.

But what am I saying, can't say it's the Chinese server or version if they have not even said of a global or Western release so there's that, hope we get one if ever, it looks so nice!

As for now, we will just be on the lookout for this game, it sounds nice and let's hope they will release a global one, it will be a resurgence for mobile games as the quality is amazing and it can even rival the up and coming Genshin Impact that we all are hyped for as well!