Tower of Fantasy version 2.4 update will be released with a new chapter, map, and more on March 30th

On March 30th, 2023, the well-known adventure RPG Tower of Fantasy will release a new update, Version 2.4. The upcoming update, dubbed Under the Grand Sea, will once more bring a whole new setting and map region where players can explore the enormous underwater sea and find Innars, an underwater city that is submerged far beneath the ocean. The primary story of the game will also be continued in this updated Version by focusing on the new Underwater region and adding a new Chapter.


The forthcoming Version offers a new area where players can explore the City Innars and the deep ocean by diving there. The region is filled with rich life and enormous ecosystems, as well as some unfriendly monsters. Tower of Fantasy has frequently teased the underwater area through movies, revealing all the seductive nuances and carefully considered aesthetics placed into the stunning location.

According to the CN Version of the game, there are many levels of water depth in the undersea area, and each one makes it harder to access and explore. In addition, there are other sub-regions in the undersea area that will be included in upcoming releases, along with new World Bosses in the deep sea.

New chapter will feature both new and familiar faces​

The upcoming Version 2.4's new story quest, which centers on the Underwater City Innars, is introduced in the trailer, giving us a little preview of what to expect. It appears that Grayspace Entities, led by an unidentified person, are attacking the City.

We also get to meet a few fresh personalities who live in the City. The characters Fiona, Lan, and Icarus from the CN Version are depicted in the trailer, which might be a hint that their Simulacrum flags will be available during the update. In addition to that, we also recognize some familiar faces. The video depicts Nemesis and Lin traveling to the underwater city and cooperating with the locals to drive back the horde of Grayspace creatures.