Tower of Fantasy Version 2.5 comes with new characters, new world boss, new puzzle-solving missions, and more!

On May 11, Tower of Fantasy released its Version 2.5 update “Sound of the Sea” with a new simulacrum, Gnonno.

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Through this new update, the developers will be bringing the players to the deepest, darkest, most treacherous part of the sea as they now have the ability to explore the Deepsea Caverns of The Dark Source. To descend deeper into the mysterious sea, players will have to upgrade their materials so that they can withstand the extremely high water pressure that will greet them after entering The Dark Source. Players can upgrade their materials through the prerequisite missions available.

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Trapped Patrol Guard and Inactive Surveillance Guard are the two new puzzle-solving missions. Note that the difficulty in this area will be increased with Dimension instead of Wanderer level. Through the Dimension, the power of the enemies will be increased which will result in more rewards for puzzle-solving and chest contents. A massive new world boss was also introduced named Abyssant: Nakya.

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As there’s a new simulacrum, here’s a background about Gnonno:

Inspired by her grandfather, Nuok, who was on the exploration team that discovered Innars, Gnonno also hopes to become an excellent explorer.

Her reputation as a troublemaker and wild persona, however, sometimes gets in the way. Despite knowing the complicated seas like the back of her hand, several years ago she persuaded her best friend to go exploring with her, but only Gnonno returned home safely.

There are many mysteries surrounding the incident, but one thing that is for sure is that Gnonno gained the power to summon a strange, octopus-like creature and command its tentacles. She also uses her Mini Hurricane weapon in her explorations.

A new feature has also been added, which is World Level. This affects the difficulty of monsters and world bosses on the field as well as the rewards that the players can obtain. Raise the world level and the difficulty will also increase but the rewards that can be earned will increase as well. The same will happen with drop rate of items from crypt boxes in the field and accessories from world bosses. Set the world level appropriately to earn rewards more efficiently.

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Players (LV 30 or higher) who have not logged into the game since 16:00 on April 10, 2023 (Monday) are eligible for the Farewell Dreams returning user bonus. Within 30 days, complete the designated quests for Spilled Stardust and Star-Lord Certificates to get these rewards. Use the Spilled Stardust to increase your Star Rank while the Star-Lord Certificates can be used at the special event store to exchange for gifts exclusive to returning users.

The following are the changes that has been implemented after the release of Version 2.5:
  • Changes in the Operation Alliance Dungeon
The dungeons that can be challenged daily have been changed so that one type of dungeon is opened at random. Before challenging a dungeon, explorers can select the difficulty level according to their level and other factors.

Rewards earned will vary depending on the difficulty level selected. In addition, at the sixth and higher difficulty levels, the first clear reward, which is only available once a day, is a piece of SSR volition. In addition, it is also possible to set the main reward, and the probability of these rewards dropping is greatly increased.
  • Changes to the Operation Defeat Dungeon
The bosses that can be defeated each week have been changed to a new specification where one boss is opened at random.

There are two levels of difficulty that can be challenged: Normal and Challenging” and the rewards are almost the same for both levels. However, the Challenging difficulty level offers additional challenge titles and a few additional Operation Common Parts, so that all Wanderers, from beginners to veterans, can now enjoy the contents.

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The developers have also revealed the event calendar for Version 2.5. The main event is the Deepsea Treasure Hunt where players will earn exclusive points of the event after completing certain tasks. Gain a certain amount of points and exchange it for event progress rewards that includes pieces of the Azure Heart costume of the popular character Rinya, pieces of the Hanaori Coral skin of the SSR weapon Shadow Weave, dark crystals, Special Coupons, Energy Particles, Icon Frames, and more.

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Lastly, from May 11 to May 24, Lin will be returning in the Mirror’s Shadow rerun banner. If you previously missed your chance to get her, then now’s the time to finally obtain her.