Tower of Fantasy Version 3.6 'Beyond Horizon' introduces new additions to the main story, new maps, new Simulacrum and more!

Tower of Fantasy released its updated version 3.6 'Beyond Horizon' yesterday introducing new maps, new bosses, and a new addition to the main story. Additionally, we get to see the new Simulacrum and her weapon. Let's take a closer look!

tof (1).jpg

The update went online yesterday, January 30, 2024. It included the addition of Domain 9: Impending Storm, the next chapter of the main story. Additionally, the last new area to be added to Domain 9 is the new zone of Aquaville. In addition to this, "Distant Beacon Pod No. 8" is another recently added map. Furthermore, there are six new game modes to be explored: Energy Flow Storage, Field Energy Collector, Four Symbols Cauldron, Profound Lattice, and Thawing Talisman. You will naturally be in the center of everything when a showdown and a powerful storm approach, heralding in a new age.

New Simulacrum - Plotti​

Tower of Fantasy Version 3.6 also sees the addition of Plotti, a new simulacrum with a dual nature. She is a well-liked, methodical programmer with a hint of rebellion. Although she publicly follows the rules, there's more to her than meets the eye. She is a flaming and physical attribute roster addition, and her weapon is a hand cannon that combines both elements, which further reflects her dual nature.


Several new monsters will also be added in the update, such as two new story bosses connected to that massive storm and two new world bosses, among many more new creatures to be discovered. In addition, a new intelligent servant named Aurawolf joins, floor 55 opens in the former Phantasm Boundless Realm, and new seasons of Frontier Clash and Void Abyss are announced.

There are several activities, such as the 1.5 year anniversary celebration, which offers everyone celebration gift bundles and a number of exclusive giveaways. While some of these packs will cost dark crystals or be accessible in other ways, some will be offered for actual money. However, there are still things to do and enjoy. Complete information is available in the Tower of Fantasy update notes.