Tower of Fantasy’s 2.3 update features several Fenrir related events

Coming this February 2 is Tower of Fantasy’s 2.3 update, Wandering Amidst Miasma. There’ll be new areas, new ways to play, and a new story that will be added in the game. The upcoming update will also mark Tower of Fantasy’s half anniversary since its launch. Recently, the developers have dropped some hints about the contents of their 2.3 update.


A teaser image has been released through the game’s official social media account. The image depicts the characters preparing and celebrating Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rabbit, and a number of hidden rabbits to discover. Aside from that, a new events calendar for Mirroria’s DJ Fenrir has also been released in which the events have already started a few days ago. Taking place until March, there’ll be different chapters.

You can now spend time with DJ Fenrir in the in-game Dreamy Disco event until February 1st. Meet and dance along with her by observing her dance moves. Select the right motions to recreate them. Make sure to be accurate to get better scores and rewards.

Add to that, once the 2.3 update finally releases, the next Fenrir event will also be available. The event is called “Gifts for Fenrir” and it is a community event based around user generated content. More Fenrir related events will be released this February and March such as the release of a teaser image for Fenrir’s digital single and her music video coming in March. Stay tuned for more contents of Tower of Fantasy’s 2.3 update!