Tower of Fantasy's newest Simulacrum Lan will be making its debut on March 30th this year

According to Tower of Fantasy's announcement, a brand-new, limited Simulacrum will be made available as soon as Version 2.4's live update is made available for the global version. This March 30th, in Tower of Fantasy, the new simulacrum, Lan, is scheduled for release.


In the soon-to-be-released Tower of Fantasy version 2.4, dubbed "Under the Great Sea," players will have access to a brand-new area that has been added to the map, as well as a brand-new mechanic for exploring a vast undersea and visiting the Underwater City Innars. The players will get to experience a new chapter in the main plot in this magnificent metropolis, as our heroes begin their quest to attempt and put an end to the Grayspace Entities. The clip gives us a brief peek of Lan in the game and in their promotional artwork.

Introduction to Lan and her Vermillion Bird​

Lan is a Flame Defense character, and her weapon, the "Vermillion Bird," doubles as a gorgeous umbrella that she spins while fighting dangerous foes. She claims to be from Domain 09 and is also known to many as Lord Suzaku. Lan is approachable because of her endearing features and expression.

Lan appears to be a very promising character from the CN version of the Tower of Fantasy game. She is a Flame tank character that lowers any incoming frost and flame damage while also enhancing the final damage of her and her team-mates.

She also has an extremely high shatter, and if the multipliers aren't changed for the global release, she might be the game's highest-shattering character. Because Lan gives her teammates boosts, she also seems to be a fantastic character to have in a Flame team composition.