Tower of Fantasy’s Version 1.5 Update will be released on September 15 featuring the Artificial Island

Developers of Tower of Fantasy have announced that the game will receive its first ever version update. The upcoming 1.5 update will come with lots of new features and expansions, which is expected to be released in the game on September 15th.

tof artificial island.jpg

The version 1.5 update is the first update of the game since its global release. The announcement was made through the game’s official Twitter page. Through this update, a lot of features will be available for players to enjoy, such as a home system, new enemies to defeat, and new areas to explore.

Through the home system, it will allow players to create their own, unique home and decorate it however they want. The new areas featured are Puddled lake, Ring Arena, and Rusty Iron Camp.

The new enemy is a dragon dubbed by fans as a mecha dragon. Named the Interdimensional Frostfire Dragon, it appears that it may be hard to defeat as its mechanical aura is quite intimidating.