Tower of God M: The Great Journey is now available for pre-registration!

First announced in March of this year, Tower of God M: The Great Journey has now started its pre-registration.

tower of god.jpg

Korean developer and publisher NGEL Games has announced that the pre-registration of Tower of God M: The Great Journey has already started. As what was written in the official description of the game based on the popular webtoon Tower of God, Tower of God M: The Great Journey is “an exquisite retelling of the original story and emotions with high-quality artworks and animations.”

Currently, there’s still no gameplay trailer yet, however, the game was described as a “2D action RPG” but in the earlier teaser a 3D-esque character model was shown as well as an exploration appearing to be a side-scrolling venture in the game. It also appears to be that players will need to form a team of four.

As mentioned earlier, pre-registration for the game has already started. A website for the game was opened for which has since been updated with the pre-registration campaign of Tower of God M. Sadly, pre-registration for international players is not available and the site itself requires a Korean ID.

tower of god1.jpg

There will be a closed beta test, however, it was not mentioned when it will begin. There’s also a giveaway wherein Korean residents can score an iPhone 13 Pro Max or volumes of Tower of God.

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More details of the game are expected to be available at G-STAR 2021. Stay tuned for updates!