Tower of God Mobile: The Great Journey is set to release globally soon

During GameSpot Swipe, NGELGAMES unveiled a trailer for Tower of God Mobile: The Great Journey. Based on the well-known webtoon of the same name, it is a mobile idle anime RPG. The original Webtoon comic for "Tower of God" has over 6 billion views, was turned into an animated series for Crunchyroll, and, after the release of a Korean mobile game, topped charts for most-played games on Google Play and the App Store. The game will be released worldwide this winter, with pre-registration starting in October 2022.


A mobile game based on the webtoon that Korean fans of Tower of God have been enjoying since April will soon be accessible to more players. Developer Ngel Games revealed during GameSpot Swipe that Tower of God: Great Journey will launch on iOS and Android in Winter 2022 in North America and Europe.

In the role-playing game Great Journey, which uses gacha mechanisms, adding more heroes to your team is one of your main objectives. You may explore several side-scrolling environments while playing with four heroes on your squad at once.

he story for Tower of God M: The Great Journey will be a retelling of the original story of the series with even more high-quality artworks and animations as the games comes with:


  • Eye-catching battle system and powerful skills from the series
  • The story of the webtoon that has over 6 billion views adapted in amazing animations
  • Unique Skill system and combat style derived on the character relationships

Tower of God M: The Great Journey is a mobile idle RPG game by NGELGAMES and is set to release in the Winter this year for North America and Europe.

Pre-registrations for the game will be opening this October.