Traha Global introduces Closed Beta Test in Korea

Players will need to select one of the two playable factions in the game—Vulkan or Niad—and take the lead role in their faction's narrative to survive the never-ending conflicts that begin with brutal battles and contests. Additionally, you may alter the skin tone, physique type, and facial features of your avatar to suit your preferences. You may swipe through genders and select the physique type you like.


You may pick from seven different fighting classes at Traha Global, each with a different set of abilities. Depending on the class and weapon you select, you can opt to become a dealer, healer, or tank, each of which has different tactical talents. Play the many fighting types, including PVP and the main plot.The game provides you with a variety of professional abilities relevant to life that you may learn from cooking, fishing, and mining aside from combat.

Traha Global, the most eagerly awaited mobile gaming phenomenon, has finally been introduced by Moai Games for a Closed Beta Test in Korea. From July 28 to August 2, Traha Global's closed beta test will be available thanks to Moai Games, the creator of the well-known game TRAHA. Get an early access sneak peek of Traha Global by downloading the game from Google Play if you're a Korean.

As previously decided, Traha Global will launch as a replacement for the well-known mobile innovation phenomenon TRAHA, including enhanced mechanics and intuitive controls. Six large-scale open field maps, each measuring up to 5 km, are provided by Traha Global as an invitation into a vast and overwhelming universe. The game introduces players to a variety of beautiful natural scenery and splendors while introducing them to numerous topics.


As of right now, Traha Global's closed beta test has only been made available in Korea by Moai Games. The game's formal release has not yet been announced by the developers. Users who are interested can continue to monitor this space for updates from the developers in the future. Players may go here to see the game's official website to learn more about Traha Global.