Transcend StoreJet 300 2TB External HDD for Mac Review


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Jun 1, 2016
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Choosing the right external storage for Mac one should look for compatibility, portability, and huge storage capacity. It should support both USB 3.0 and Apple’s Thunderbolt technology. Transcend has a product just for Mac, the Transcend StoreJet 300, it’s a portable disk drive with huge storage capacity and sleek aluminum design that compliments the MacBook Pro.

The Transcend StoreJet 300 is Portable disk drive for Mac that has 2TB storage capacity, equipped with a Thunderbolt and SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface and comes with a sturdy metallic design that matches Mac with a sleek and elegant look.

Who is Transcend? They have over 2000 products, including all types of memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, digital music players, card readers, external hard drives, solid state drives and industrial-grade products.

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Unboxing Transcend StoreJet 300
StoreJet 300 is Mac ready, out fo the box it is formatted in HFS+ and fully supports Time Machine (backup features of Mac) which is good since it has a huge capacity of 2TB it can be used to backup important data on you Mac. The retail box reminds of some smartphones that we already unboxed before like the ASUS Zenfone, its simple and compact.

The StoreJet 300 box contains:
SJM300 Portable Hard Drive
Thunderbolt Cable
USB 3.0 cable
Quick Start Guide
Travel Pouch
Warranty Card

The StoreJet 300 has a dual port, one for thunderbolt and the other one is a standard USB 3.0 port that is backward compatible with USB 2.0 connection. So just choose your connection and plug it into the Mac and it will instantly be recognized as an external drive. It also comes with white Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 Cables that is around 50 cm long

Thunderbolt is an Apple technology and it has some extra advantage, in terms of performance it is better compared to USB 2.0 but not much difference when compared to UBS 3.0

In terms of design, the StoreJet 300 cosmetically really looks nice just like the Mac, it’s made of high-quality metallic design. The brand logo is at the lower part on top and there is also an LED activity light.

The port connector is at the front side and the bottom back part has rubber cushions located at the 4 corners which are great it makes the drive firmly in place wherever you place it.

Performance We tested the StoreJet 300 thunderbolt connection and we got an average 126.7 MB/s reads and 119.6 MB/s writes speed which is faster compared to USB 2.0 while using the USB 3.0 connection it has an average of 110.9 MB/s read and 110.4 MB/s write speed. Overall random read/write performance with both ports are good but nothing spectacular. Using the thunderbolt connection is a better choice since it has the advantage of faster data transfer and you can use that extra USB port for your other accessories.

It comes with RecoverRx which is a software that can recover deleted files and Transcend Elite which is a software suite that includes a backup and restores functions and data encryption and much more. The software’s also supports Windows OS, so if you decided to use this drive on a Windows PC just make sure you format it before using it.


What we love about the Transcend StoreJet 300 is that it has dual connection options the thunderbolt, and USB 3.0 port. Out of the box it’s already formatted in HFS+ and it supports Time Machine. With its huge 2TB capacity, it’s a great backup storage device. While the design complements the Mac with its elegant look. The included Transcend software’s are also a great addition to fully utilized the drive. While the downside is the price, we found a local store selling this drive for Php 12,990 we tried to look at it at lazada but it’s not listed. So if you are looking for an external drive that has a huge storage capacity with an option to connect to either thunderbolt or USB connection and willing to pay for it, then Transcend StoreJet 300 might be the right portable drive for you. Where to buy:

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