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Discussion in 'Shooter' started by Syndicate, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Syndicate

    Syndicate Elite Gamer

    Here is the simple way to Translate RoE in English without a patch. The game is currently in beta and not available in the Philippines, however, there are steps to play it.

    This is a guide on how to run Rings of Elysium in English instead of Thailand or Indo language.

    1. Open the Garena client and run RoE
    2. Once the game is running open process hacker


    3. locate "Europa_Client.exe"
    4. Select Properties


    5. Locate the command line then click the magnifying glass icon


    6. Copy everything to notepad
    7. Replace the -language=en to -language=th
    8. Save the file to "RoEenglish.bat'


    9. run the .bat file
    10. congratulations its English
    Credits to Rings of Elysium PH
  2. dutete

    dutete Elite Gamer

    Thank you sir pano fix bad module after loading then crash yung game nangyare after ma translate e

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