Tree of Savior Mobile opens for 2nd CBT Application

The second closed test will open on May 31 from 14:00 to 16:00 . Applications are open until May 30. Furthermore, participants in the previous first test are automatically eligible to participate in this test, no additional application is required.


Tree of Savior M previously held a private beta test for domestic users in December 2021. The game has completed a significant visual and game improvement since then.

According to Kim Hak -kyu, “We went beyond the graphics of the PC version, which was originally the development goal of ‘Tree of Savior M’, and conducted a remastered work throughout the graphics and planning to meet the higher expectations of users. In the second close beta test, we expect to show the action of graphics and cool operation that is significantly higher than in the first test. ”


"Re: Tree of Savior" is 2D MMORPG developed by South Korea's IMC Games. The game will launch on smartphone as mobile version of famous online game "Tree of Savior".
Through the huge content, more than 200 different BOSS. Each character has a combination of career, skills, and social skills, and can take with different builds. The game's built-in chat system and community content are also a major feature.


Re: Tree of Savior's strategic part is deciding which two companions to bring along on each adventure, especially those with skills that give players an advantage against bosses. There is also a strong emphasis on cosmetic items, which is a critical role that will certainly bring in revenue for Nexon. Since Tree of Savior performed well in Japan, Nexon has decided to begin the journey there.

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