Tree Of Savior Open Beta Coming Soon!


Sep 21, 2014
Hello Saviors!

Here is the announcement you all have been waiting for!
I know you guys probably guessed whats coming right? the big announcement you all have been waiting for, I think everyone already has a hint of whats coming.

Yes, the Open Beta for Tree of Savior will be coming soon to a goddess statue near you!
So what are you guys waiting for? get your gaming rig up and ready, and word of advice don't forget you're personal energy booster and potions!
Wait for further announcement for the exact date of the official launching of the Tree of Savior Open Beta

We know that all of you are eager to go slay some more Kepas and Popolions or craft some potions.
Before all that though, please read the updated 'Terms of Service', 'Privacy Policy' and 'EULA'.
Please go through them thoroughly and make sure you agree to them before playing in the Open Beta.

source via official Tree of Savior Page​

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