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Discussion in 'Tree of Savior' started by xero, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. xero

    Paradox Personified
    Team: OVD

    Kahit wala akong key im starting this thread to those lucky bastards este members, kindly share your experiences regarding the game, in short ing gitin nyo kaming walang keys

    Things we want to know!
    Which server madaming pinoy?
    Hows the english translation?
    Bugs or glitches found?
    Did the game live up to its hype? or napipilitan lang kayo!

    Thank you in advance sa information!
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  2. paumadara777

    Newbie Gamer

    ill share my experience tomorrow ..
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  3. taka

    Regular Gamer
    Team: Vatos Locos

    ang ganda grabe! ganda ng loading screen hanggang dun palang ako e..
  4. Aella

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Aella

    It's pretty much a Ragnarok Online clone (since some of the devs came from RO) but with new stuff. Also, lots of boss fights during quests (Ugh)
  5. Super Keso

    Super Keso
    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Queso

    Things I can share (for now...)

    1. Server: Laima. So far, konti lang pinoy nakikita ko dun. Tingin ko nsa Zemyna sila according sa mga post dun sa forum ng ToS. Napunta lang nman ako sa Laima kasi andun ung mga friends ko. haha

    2. Sa totoo lang hindi ko napansin. Kung meron man typo it is negligible since I dont have any difficulties in understanding the quests.

    3. MADAMI!! Friendlist not working, Party/World/PM Chat broken. Market also broken. Hindi pa makapasok dahil sa IPF error. hahaha

    4. My honest opinion? Malaki ang potential ng game but it still can't compare to RO1. Anyway, CBT2 pa nman ung game. I'd still play it when it will launch. Sana man lang makinig ung devs sa magagandang ideas na pwede i-incorporate or adjust sa game.
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