TSM FTX acquires Apex Legends Mobile Content Creator 1ceStream

World-renowned esports team TSM FTX announces that it has acquired the Filipino YouTuber and Apex Legends Mobile content creator Sidney Raphael “1cestream” Coronel. Director of Mobile for TSM Jeff “SuiJeneris” Chau has also acknowledged 1cestream as part of their team.


TSM has teams already competing in Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), and with its expansion to the mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, have signed 1cestream to don the TSM FTX banner.

“I knew no one was gonna do what I did, which was guides. I knew that if I wanted to get recognized, I needed to do something that was different, that was good quality, and was meaningful. So those were the three things that I knew I really had to focus on and I went full throttle ahead. Make good content, period.” This was what 1cestream said on how he worked to get TSM to sign him.

Moreover, the Filipino content creator shares that getting into TSM was huge for him.

“TSM was the one. Their branding, style, color scheme, and their motto of wanting to be the best. Everything about TSM just matches me, matches my style, matches my energy. The black and white logo too! So like in terms of like matchmaking, I think that TSM is the perfect match for me.”


1cestream was known for his content which focuses on guides. He teaches people the basics of the game, that no matter if you’re a newbie or a pro player, you’ll definitely find his guides to be of good use. His guides range from fundamentals of the game up to its most advanced aspects.

“I made guides as my main focus in content creation because I love teaching, teaching is actually my passion. It’s something I really love doing. I love watching people grow into a better version of themselves. I just wanted as many people as I can to fall in love with the game and understand the game,” 1cestream said.

Finally, 1cestream shares his thoughts about his career and TSM moving forward.

“We will be working closely together to bring unique content that will shake up the entire mobile gaming scene! Outrageous entertaining content!”