TSUBASA+ A Real-World Mobile Game

A Real-World Mobile Game Inspired by Popular Football Manga/Anime, Captain Tsubasa Cross-Reality Mobile Game Combines Real World with Football Players and the World of Captain Tsubasa

MIRAIRE Inc. today announced the launch of "TSUBASA + real-world mobile game in Europe from the beginning of 2020 and will continue to expand its services worldwide.

"TSUBASA+", while portraying the world of "Captain Tsubasa" goes beyond the existing realm of “popular manga/anime series × games”, to provide an exciting new type of game involving the real world. Yoshiki Okamoto, who has been involved in numerous popular hit games, is involved as a game producer.

We have also gained cooperation with Dentsu Inc. in regards to tie-up marketing as well as Ichigo Inc. in regards to real estate.

Linked to the Real World! Enjoy Football All Over the World
"TSUBASA +" is a real-world game where the player becomes friends with "Capitan Tsubasa" characters that show up in stadiums, sports grounds and various spots around the world, as well as famous present-days football players from around the globe. The game links the real world with the players’ smartphone's GPS. However, play doesn’t end at just their smartphones; players enjoy games of real-world football connecting with their friends too.
  • Real World Game: A game linked to the real world using the smartphone’s GPS and position information system.
  • This screen is under development

Game Features
  • Battle with "rivals" that appear in the football stadiums or on sports grounds around the world, and gather up friends.
  • Create your own stadium and continue to develop this stadium. You can also play against other users at your stadium.
  • Characters that appear in "Captain Tsubasa" as well as real-world football players will appear in an actual football stadium!
  • At the beginning of the game, choose your favorite team from real football teams. Together with other members who have chosen this team, compete against other teams.

"Captain Tsubasa" and Active Football Players from Around the World Will Appear

Many familiar characters of "Captain Tsubasa" will make an appearance in the game. In addition to this, many football players who are actually active throughout the world are scheduled to appear.
The game world of "TSUBASA +" will spread all over the world. In the real world, the teaser movie will show you how to enjoy the game with the friends of "Captain Tsubasa".

Product Overview 
  • Title :TSUBASA+ (TSUBASA Plus)
  • Genre :Real world game
  • Compatible models :Smartphone (iOS/Android)
  • Launch date :Early 2020 (planned)
  • Pricing :Item charge model (Free-to-play with in App purchase)
  • Distribution market :App Store / Google Play
  • Distribution source/developer :©MIRAIRE , Inc.

Rights Notation 
©Yoichi Takahashi/SHUEISHA ©MIRAIRE , Inc.

※All screens are under development.

About "Captain Tsubasa"
"Captain Tsubasa" is the work of the manga artist, Yoichi Takahashi, and the main character is a genius football player called Ozora Tsubasa. The story follows growth of Tsubasa and his teammates and rivals. The series started from "Weekly Shonen Jump" released on September 29, 1981. As the story developed with time, it was also published in such places as "Shukan Young Jump" and "Grand Jump," and it gained considerable popularity. In total over 70 million copies have been sold in Japan.

Captain Tsubasa has also adapted into a variety of media such as animated TV shows, OVAs and video games. The animated TV show has been broadcasted in around 20 countries or regions like France, Italy and Mexico with localized titles such as “Oliver y Benji”, “Holly e Benji”, “Olive et Tom” & “Die tollen Fusball-Stars”. It is often mentioned as a favorite work by foreign football players, and it conveys to many people around the world the joy of sports and the importance of having a dream.

About Yoshiki Okamoto
Born in 1961. From Ehime Prefecture. Game producer.

In the early 1990s, he brought about the boom in the battle fighting game, "Street Fighter II." Since then he has also been involved in the birth of blockbuster titles such as the "Resident Evil" series, the "Onimusha" series, and the "Monster Hunter" series, and has established himself as the top game creator in arcade games and consumer games.

As for smartphone game applications, in October 2013, he was involved in development with Mixi Corporation to release “Monster Strike”. In 2014, the game grew to gain top sales in Japan on the AppStore and Google Play. Currently, the game is available not only in Japan but also expanding globally into such places as North America and Asia.

Currently, in order to achieve other breakthroughs, he is challenging himself by expanding into other genres.

About MIRAIRE Inc.
"IRE" means "walk" in Latin.

Various new encounters can only be obtained by moving around outdoors.
However, the future internet is where everything can be done without leaving the home.

We are losing our “Motivation” to move every day in exchange for the evolution of society.

The more the internet evolves on its present course, the more people lose the need to move outdoors.

MIRAIRE uses a technology called x Reality (or X Reality) to create fun motivation that makes people want to move around outside more.

"MIRAIRE" is It is a company that was born from the two thoughts of “MIRAI” (future) + “IRE” (walking).

What is xR (cross reality)?
It is an experience through technology that combines a virtual environment with a real-world setting. Here, "X" can be seen as a placeholder for V(R), A(R), and M(R), but it also represents an undefined or variable quality/quantity. xR encompasses hardware, software, methods, and experiences that enable virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, cinematic reality, and other forms of reality. Most definitions of xR include a platform and content that allows the user to bring digital objects into the real world or, conversely, to view physical objects in a digital scene.

The xR experience includes the experience of bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing objects from the physical world into the digital space, creating a new form of reality for the user.

The term "xR" has become common as a generic term and is frequently used as a casual shorthand for grouping technologies such as VR, AR, and MR.
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