Tutorial guide on how to Link Garena Accounts to Riot Games

No account progression or purchases will be tracked for the migration during a brief period in early January 2023. This means that ANY advancements or purchases you make during this period—whether they involve moving up in rank, purchasing new skins, or completing challenges—won't be taken into account after the migration.


Following the above steps to verify both of your accounts' eligibility, you'll be able to link them on the Garena client beginning on November 18th, 2022 at 5am UTC+8, through early January 2023, and then through the Riot client after the Migration is finished. Check out our Migration Guide in the interim for more information on how any content or progress you unlock will be transferred to your Riot Account, as well as the important key dates and FAQ for a more thorough timeline of when everything will be happening.


There is no turning back once your Riot Account and Garena Account Shard are linked. Make sure you're linking the correct accounts because you won't be able to link more than one account (only one Garena account shard may be linked per Riot Account).

Let's get going!
  • Verify that you've finished the tasks above.
  • Log in to either the Garena Client OR the Riot Client.
  • Select League of Legends.
  • To access the account connecting page, choose Start Linking.
Your Garena Account may need you to follow a series of steps. To proceed, finish these!


Verify the League Garena account you want to link (previously linked accounts are not eligible at this stage; keep in mind that accounts may only be linked once)
  1. Register a new Riot Account or sign into the one you prefer
  2. To get your account ready for connecting, follow the instructions
  3. Follow the path until you get to the Ready to Link? page, where all the alterations to your account will be visible
  4. If everything looks right, click Link Accounts. YOU'RE DONE!