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    Twitch details upcoming features called "Twitch Discovery" to help streamers grow especially for viewers to discover new streamers. This is what they said:
    Below are the upcoming updates for Twitch

    On the homepage, they replaced Pulse with recommended live streams that you may like

    The homepage is still then segmented into games you may like, and specific game title streams and at the bottom the popular videos

    The channel page is also getting a UI revamp, as the left panel now shows the profile accompanied with call to actions buttons like follow and subscribe.

    On the bottom of the stream window you no longer see the panels but instead, we are greeted with tabs: About, Videos, Events, Following and Followers

    Additionally on the sidebar, it displays a separate group of who you are subscribed and following.

    The filtering has also been updated as you can now search in-depth hero specific characters for the game. For now it seems Hearthstone and Overwatch gets full support [​IMG]
    Twitch also mentioned they are categorizing streams based on whats happening in-game

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