Twitch Streamers matulungan tayo!

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Jul 9, 2018
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Mabuhay mga kabayan!

Born and raise sa pinas. Singapore based po ako ngayon. My internet connection is the best of the best (alam na this) hahaha!

Gamer na since pacman, atari, nes, family computer, arcade, snes, sage, ps4, xbox, wii, switch, pc.

Currently into PC gaming like overwatch, pubg, fornite.

New to streaming. Since I game religiously might as well maximize my time to streaming at twitch. Hope to grow as a game creator and have fun!

Sana makilala ko kayo lahat streamers and support each and everyone here!

I hope you can visit my and feel free to say hi sa chat when im online!



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Sep 1, 2018
Dyan lang
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guyz di ako streamer pero i own 4 twitch accounts with 300 real followers..i create twitch to sell in the market to earn pero since pinoy kayo share ko lang saan pwd magparami ng twitch and other social media accounts..

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