UAE plans to make Dubai be among the top 10 cities for the game industry by 2033

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government is planning to make its major city and tourist attraction Dubai into the center of activity for gaming by 2033. They are also planning to make the city be one among the top ten cities in the world for game companies.


The two key persons who gave a rough idea of the plan were Hadi Badri, CEO of Dubai Economic Development Corporation, and Abdulla AlGaoud, digital operations director in Dubai Chambers, at the Dubai GameExpo Summit. Badri emphasized the huge investment that’s needed for infrastructure as they are aiming to make the city a knowledge-sharing and networking hub for the gaming industry.

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AlGaoud has also revealed the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033. It will focus on talent, content, and technology. Aside from the unwavering support from the government, the plan has set off with investments already made and business support being provided. Add to that, there are also education programs that are set to open 30,000 jobs and a $1 billion industry by 2033.

With this move of UAE, they have finally and officially joined the competition in the growing gaming industry. Though there are other regions that the UAE will have to compete with, they will specially go head to head with their neighbor nation Saudi Arabia, who invests a great deal in the gaming sector. Aside from other regions across the Middle East and North Africa, they will also have to mind established industries like the UK, the US, Finland, Canada, and China, who are all also after great and skilled talents in gaming.