Ubisoft will be soft launching Rainbow Six Mobile soon!

Recording 250,000 players who have participated in its closed beta test, Ubisoft’s most anticipated action shooting game Rainbow Six Mobile is on its way for a successful global release for mobile devices as a strong KPI growth was reported.

r6 mobile.jpg

Ahead of its upcoming soft launch, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile is already met with strong and positive feedback due to its gameplay, which is a remarkable achievement as the game is only in its closed beta test phase.

r6 mobile.png

Through its Alpha version, two maps were showcased, Border and Bank, which are two classic Rainbow Siege warzones. Bomb and Secure Area warzone modes were also in the Alpha version. A special focus on the mobile-first countries were also mentioned.

r6 mobile1.png

The soft launch of Rainbow Six Mobile in both Android and iOS devices is coming soon as it is guaranteed by the developers themselves so if you still haven’t registered, you can pre-register now. Stay tuned!